Remember the Twitter “ER doctors” who claimed hordes of patients were dying daily of COVID? They were fake. – IOTW Report

Remember the Twitter “ER doctors” who claimed hordes of patients were dying daily of COVID? They were fake.

The irony here, is that the network of “Covid fear mongers” was uncovered by a liberal:

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  1. Thats right nobody is dying from anything. The virus, the vax, numerous diseases. Everyone lives forever. The news about that new covid-19 strain killing people in China is all made up too.

  2. It wasn’t just Twitter, and it wasn’t just doctors; fake nurses were spreading fables online and in newspapers about dying covid patients regretting not getting the jab as they lay dying. The empty hospitals, hospital ships and hospital tents were hidden from us by the government and the media, which were instead spreading tales of covid bodies being bulldozed into mass graves, faking covid deaths with shitty tests and then further misrepresenting those already fake numbers to pump their scam. This was all done to stampede us into the fear corral and onto the jab killing floors. And it worked beautifully. And they’re going to do it all again, because people will forget and tune out what happened, with generous assistance from the media and the mercenary, lying fakers who help.

    And the same people are busy whitewashing and dismissing the jab deaths and injuries right now, by the light of their Fauci votive candles.

  3. My curiosity was piqued when the “desperately tired and overwhelmed” nurses, hospital aides and doctors began issuing their very long, well-choreographed hospital hallway dances. Very suspicious activities coming from “the front lines.”

  4. OldCoot Kreskin predicts that about 50 years from now, people will look back at twitter and facebook and wonder how in the fu*k people were so stupid to think that it was a good idea to use them.

  5. I religiously watch area obituaries. Always have. Didn’t notice any “hoardes of death” until the vaccine rollout. And boy since then and especially the past 6 months it takes me quite awhile to go through my local obit notices.

  6. It’s all coming together now. Young people dropping dead because “they believed” that Operation Warp Speed and Trump pushing it made them feel good. Remember, “I’m getting the vaccine to flatten the curve!” “I’m doing my part for my fellow human being!” “Want free pizza kids? Get the jab and get free pizza!” They were handing out free gift cards here to the homeless to get their jab. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t read about someone dropping dead “suddenly.” People still believe that the jab is a cure all. Go for it!

  7. I wonder how much the pharmaceutical companies pay?? Is it based on length or quality of the phony BS reports. Do they have a retirement plan and health care for creators?? It could help with offsetting inflation price increases.

  8. I was in several area hospitals for various reasons as the “pandemic” raged, and know people that worked at others.

    Reports of them being overwhelmed were total bullshit. They played pretend a lot and many of them enjoyed excluding family, but pretend was all it was.

    It was never about a virus.

    And it still isn’t.

  9. My GP no longer has my confidence or respect. The last four or five times I was in he was showing greater concern for pushing MRNA injections that for the reason for me being there in the first place. Soon as I can locate a replacement for the coward and charlatan it’s a done deal. That is easier said than done with medicine having been consolidated under government control.

  10. I think something that may help us understand is, think about how they got 2/3 of the planet to smoke cigarettes religiously. Its disgusting, etc, Yet everyone felt the need to light up. It was all done through mind control Imagery and even back then it’s incredibly effective. But now it’s hyper drive version bombardment, and boy does it work..

  11. If this revelation doesn’t lead to SERIOUS prosecutions and SERIOUS SENTENCING, then what remedy available to us is off the table ??
    False medical advice,
    defended by my government and its wholly-owned health providers, was broadcast without asterick.

    WTF!! Fix this fastmGovernment, or all is lost.

    If we can’t trust anyone, we will trust no one.

  12. I think the first covids and subsequent jabs did not kill enough people to satisfy our “leaders”. They’ll all get the best medical care while the masses die off in the millions.

    New varieties are emerging, such as the XBB or something like that. That is what is going on in China right now. Coming to your neighborhood this year.

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