Rep. Charlie Crist (D- FL) Went on a Secret Trip to Cuba Amid Rising Tensions

WFB: Rep. Charlie Crist (D., Fla.) went on a secret trip to Cuba last month to meet with officials there as tensions between the United States and Cuba rose over Venezuela’s crisis.

Records from the House of Representatives Committee on Ethics showed the trip lasted from April 25 to April 27, and Crist’s office did not announce it, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The trip was sponsored by the Center for Democracy in the Americas, an organization that claims to promote “a U.S. policy toward Cuba based on engagement and recognition of Cuba’s sovereignty.”

Crist said his visit was about “advancements in US-Cuba policy and relations made during the Obama Administration, and the impact of the Trump Administration’s change in course.” The Times notes that Crist supported easing travel and business restrictions while Obama was in office.

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18 Comments on Rep. Charlie Crist (D- FL) Went on a Secret Trip to Cuba Amid Rising Tensions

  1. Maricon Charlie strikes again. He probably took Mark Foley and a couple of male intern pages with them.

  2. Did he take the Flake with him? Flake has a hard-on for the Cuban ☭, too. He went down there with Googleschmidt before he quit the Senate. I have a feeling we’ll soon see Crist and Flake involved in some misbegotten enterprise down there.

  3. ‘Crist said his visit was about “advancements in US-Cuba policy and relations made during the Obama Administration’
    And he made the trip last month,, DUH!
    Sure he paid the airfare,,
    Time to bring Ward Cleaver out of retirement and 3 tap this bitch,,,

  4. Revoke his passport while he is in Cuba. Refuse to let him back in the country. We already have enough traitors. And homos.

  5. Charlie Crist always gave me the creeps. He reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones portrayal of Clay Shaw in the movie JFK.

  6. Anyone remember the photo of Crist standing at the waters edge of a beach, staring at the butt of a hot chick in a thong?

    It was a Potemkin photo, a totally stage-managed photo opp meant to quash the rumors going around that Maricon Charlie was a fudgepacker

  7. I voted for him for governor when he pretended to be a republican. I couldn’t stand the democrat. However, as soon as he assumed office he began showing his true leftist leanings.
    When he ran for senator, sponsored by his law firm boss (John Morgan), he was totally laughable going from republican to independent to democrat.
    I remember him hanging around a John McCain and trying for VP nomination. He even got married to help as his beard. Now that he hasn’t made it in statewide or national office, he is divorced (beardless).

  8. Now, puppet master John (for the people®️) Morgan is trying to bring out the masses of left wing voters with further legalization of marijuana and $15 hour minimum wage.
    For anyone still criticizing Marco Rubio, remember, Senator Rubio is far better than John Morgan’s buttboy.

  9. WOW!
    Only 13 years ago Charlie, in an election which I think he won, said ,”I’m a GWBush Republican!”!

    what in retrospect he meant was “Im a MITT/rove Republican!”.

    Leftist Ope are never honest and have nominals.


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