Stephen Fry Discovers Leftists On Twitter Aren’t “A.O.K.”

Paul Joseph Watson

Gay, liberal atheist British television presenter Stephen Fry is being labeled a “white supremacist” because he did the OK hand sign.

Fry flashed up the dangerous symbol to promote Mental Health Awareness Week, tweeting, “Are you A.O.K?”


The media then made a story out of the “controversy,” quoting numerous imbeciles who claimed Fry was boosting alt-right racists. More

PJW comments further on the environment that created this unawareness of their own Mental Health issues by those on the left Here

9 Comments on Stephen Fry Discovers Leftists On Twitter Aren’t “A.O.K.”

  1. What will scuba divers do now?
    How do they signify a satisfactory condition?
    First its words, then hand gestures,
    Next some brain scanner will reveal my contempt for petty bureaucrats and I shall be done in.

  2. Lazlo – you’re correct. Right this very moment I guarantee you that Socialists working for medical equipment & pharma companies are desperately trying to develop products that will uncover our true thoughts and then eliminate any harmful thoughts and opinions.

    “Ask your doktor if BrainSkrub® is right for you….”

  3. Live by the sword… He is a leftist so it’s only a matter of time before he is destroyed by his own life’s work.

    He has spent his life trying to tear down the pillars that make up Western Civ while at the same time voting for a party that see “diversity is our strength”. The day is fast approaching in the UK when gays will be murdered in the streets and it will be treated like pedophile rape gangs- the officials won’t want to do anything because if they do it will look like they are racists and it could cause a riot.

    When that day comes for him I’ll wonder if he would think to himself “things did seem to be a bit better when we had more Catholics and less muzzytards”

  4. Fry is a lefty for sure but he’s of his own mind and doesn’t get led by the crowd. If he figures this is bullshit he’s quite capable if taking on the PC crowd and give them a spanking they wouldn’t soon forget. In fact if he’s really pissed he might just take on the Ok sign as secret white supremacist signals and bury it.


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