Rep. DeLauro (D) slams Biden for baby formula shortage – IOTW Report

Rep. DeLauro (D) slams Biden for baby formula shortage

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  1. Totally unrelated to the subject at hand but she is the ugliest woman to ever hold elective office anywhere, anytime.

  2. Take note of the fact that the trojan horse/race hater Joe Biden has imported 78,000 lbs of baby formula—from Nazi Germany, the same race cleansers who weren’t eradicated but are using different means to kill. All mothers and ethnic communities need to be alerted and warned against using the suspected poisoned formula slyly offered by Joe Biden and race-hating globalists-collaborators.

  3. That’s a nasty piece of work right there… looks lke sumthin you’d see warming her hands over a 50gal drum fire!

    – Ummm, it is a she… right?

  4. I bet her solution is more govt.
    That’s what all the middle class crushing policy decisions by the Obiden cartel are about.
    They want to make things so bad for the middle class that we start screaming for govt to do more instead of less.

    They can pound sand.

  5. …its incorrect to say they didn’t do ANYTHING, they were CERTAINLY busy making this, and EVERY, situation that is damaging to Americans much, MUCH worse…

  6. CT Ginger
    MAY 23, 2022 AT 3:20 AM
    “Totally unrelated to the subject at hand but she is the ugliest woman to ever hold elective office anywhere, anytime.”

    …IDK, Hillary was and is extremely unattractive, inside and out, so I’d be inclined to give HER “The Ugliest” award just for the thoroughly corrupt perversion of a soul that she puts on full display in everything she says and does.

    …I’d put “Michelle” Obama in the running too, but that’s not a woman, so…

  7. They DID do something!
    The Biden mal-administration engineered the entire fiasco through manipulations by the FDA.
    She is diverting attention from the facts while (as Beachmom points out) offering Gov’t as a solution to the problem that Gov’t imposed.
    Her disingenuous attack on the Biden mal-administration “dragging its feet” is pure defense while pretending to criticize. She offers no plausibly deniable reason for a baby-formula “shortage” in the first place – implying that it simply fell out of the sky – pure sophomoronicism.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. How’d you like to be startled awake at night during a thunderstorm and see that hovering over ya?

  9. That grotesque commie death democrat wasn’t beaten with an ugly stick, it was beaten with an ugly telephone pole.

  10. It’s all Cloward Piven strategy. Destroy it, then offer to fix it- your way. Make baby formula scarce, then evoke emergency powers to restore the supply.
    Same with gasoline. Make it unaffordable then “Suggest” electric vehicles.
    It tells the people who’s in charge and what can happen if they don’t toe the line.
    Want your baby to survive? Vote Democrat.
    Want to be able to get to work or travel? Go electric.

  11. Hey bitch, they caused the fucking shortage, and you know it. They caused it by doing what democrat fucking assholes do best, i.e. shutting an entire industry down for cool sounding headlines without giving a fuck about the downstream consequences, because they’ll just blame the Republicans or white people or whatever.

  12. It used to be “It isn’t over until the fat lady sings”. Now it’s “You know it’s over when the shit begins to speak”.

  13. The baby formula scam, a Marxist tactic of the left – never let a crisis go to waste. Especially, a crisis leftists created. DeLoudo, congressional clown rep. knows this with her disingenuous “outrage”.

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