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Seems Familiar

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  1. What’s consequential is the steady stream of disease carrying illegals coming into the country.

  2. “What have your advisors told you your level of concern should be…”

    To me that’s kind of a weird way to phrase the question. Maybe just because it’s Joey who’s being asked, and I’m hearing “handler” instead of “advisors”. Maybe its a yanni/laurel thing.

    And for a “quick question” that sure seemed like one one the more scripted back-and-forths set up by the WH and their media. Very deliberate foreshadowing.

  3. Thirdtwin, they told that unner no circustances would I say “My butt’s been wiped”. Anyway, I should probably stop talking.

  4. Many sheep have not gotten the MESSAGE, and will be lining up in long lines of cars at the STAB/JAB stations nation wide a few weeks in advance of the untested, unapproved, unsafe monkey-ass-pox shot release. Going down the same path, same results, same fears road.

  5. Hopefully it is found to infect pedophiles at a high rate. That would wipe out the FAKE Pres. and several RINOs.

  6. SNS

    That Dementia Joe spotting a young girl in the crowd.

  7. When AIDS was a thing it was thought it came about by someone having sex with an ape. Seeings how this is called monkey pox…..

  8. Cmn¢¢guy
    MAY 23, 2022 AT 9:45 AM

    “That Dementia Joe spotting a young girl in the crowd.”

    …In Soviet America, the monkey spank himself!

  9. “we are working on it hard, figure out what to do”
    Still can’t make any sense. Uses random words.

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