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  1. I recently went to a museum in the south with an exhibition on how hard the slaves worked picking cotton. I asked how many cotton harvests there were a year and was told “one”. I asked how long the harvest took and was told “one week”. I asked if there were other crops that plantations planted throughout the year that needed to be harvested and was told “no”.

    Think about it. Housing, food, clothing, medical care all year from birth to death in return for 1 week’s work. Compare with immigrants in the North who had to earn these things every day and were out of luck if they couldn’t work.

    That was the argument the southerners used against the northerners who found the employer’s lack of responsibility to the workers cold-hearted.

    Yes, slaves had no freedom and couldn’t go to school but the folks as young as 8 up north working 15 hour days didn’t have much time to ponder how much more fortunate they were. People trade their freedom pretty quickly today for life on the democrat plantation in the big cities.

  2. My ancestors on my mother’s side of the family came from the North, and they did not own slaves. The ones from my father’s side immigrated from Europe in the late 1800s, after the Civil War.

    I don’t owe anybody reparations for anything.

  3. What happens after blacks are paid “Reparations”:

    1. Most blacks piss funds away on worthless crap.

    2. Many blacks get murdered by family and “friends” for their cashed in Reparations.

    3. After Reparations cash is pissed away, a movement gets started to say the “first” payment wasn’t enough and more Reparations are needed.

    4. Nothing changes as the narrative changes from “Reparations” to “More Reparations”.

    5. Ghetto black assholes behave even worse than before.

  4. The democratic party has been paying reparations for decades.

    To regain the black voting block the “Great Society” initiatives of Lyndon Johnson “bought” their voting loyalty with tax money and preferential policies thrown in their direction.

    The great society fostered the utopianism of Progressivism and Liberalism.

    The tax money and grants (bribes) have grown and the black votes were solidified.

    “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One

    Thus far (50 years) Lyndon Johnson was right.

  5. If you think harvesting is all the labor that’s needed to farm anything – you don’t know farming. At all.

    Like cotton was growing wild and they just needed people one week a year to harvest? Yikes.

    That is ignoring an awful lot of what it takes to produce something from the ground.

    Consider: What would farming be like today without modern machinery?They didn’t have those machines back then.

    Laborious. Very laborious. You’ll need a lot of people to get a profitable crop from fallow field to market. At least you’ll only need to pull stumps the first year, right?

    What chemicals did they use for weed control? None – hands and hoes. Every fricken inch of the crop fields.

    Saying one week a year is all the labor that was needed in the fields, is an absurdly ignorant thing.

  6. There probably aren’t any museums in the north demonstrating the conditions child laborers endured in the textile mills who’s owners profited handily from slave grown cotton.

    And they worked seven days a week, every week.

  7. @Dadof4 – You are absolutely right. But whether or not the slaves who labored under those circumstances were better off than their compatriots in Africa is anybody’s guess. However, the legacy their bondage bought their descendants is priceless – the right to live in the United States of America.

    That is their “reparation”.

  8. My family came from Europe in the early and mid twentieth century–we didn’t own any so I don’t owe shit to anyone whose ancestors were.
    Kindly take your silly ass problem down the hall to someone who gives a shit.

  9. @Vietvet

    On that, we agree most assuredly. No more is needed than the freedom they have and an opportunity to improve their lot in life.

    No one gets a guarantee or gets to turn others into slaves.

  10. I’m all for reparations, if and only if, we can then tell every whining black person, or SJW of any color, to STFU when they start talking about oppression. And when I say STFU, I mean we get to come after them the way the SJWs have gone after everyone else, with screeching and name-calling and behaving all butt-hurt about their insensitive remarks. I want the volume to be unbearable…to the point that it sends them all back to their caves. Part of my screeching will be about MY people, a bunch of poor ol’ Irish dirt farmers, indentured servants all, who never lived long enough to be set free. So my people basically PAID their slavemasters for the privilege of becoming slaves. Wah, wah, wah somebody owes me something!

  11. I agree with the Mule, but here’s another aspect I keep wondering about: Let’s say reparations are paid somehow to all black adults. What happens when those underage blacks (or people yet unborn) turn 18? will they want ‘their’ reparations too? In other words, when will the “debt” be “paid in full”, or will we go thru this shit forever?

  12. Reparations should be in the form of repatriation to the beloved motherland of Africa. The question is, which African country will accept these descendants of 50 years of LBJ slavery?

  13. It would seem that it is the DNC that should be liable for reparations, after all most slaves did reside on democraptic plantations. That was true before the Civil War and it’s true today.

  14. I’m all for reparations and restoration.

    You get the money,and as a condition of restoration to the world from whence you were forcibly taken, you give up US citizenship, renounce any future claims upon this nation and emigrate to the country of your choice, never to return again.

    Yes, it’s a legal settlement. Want the money? Sign the papers and leave. We’re done.

  15. A week?

    Cotton farming is a year-round proposition, even with machinery. My father’s family chopped cotton (ie clearing weeds with a hoe and turning moisture into the soil) and picked cotton during the Depression. My father and the little kids stripped the bowls from the plants to recover what cotton was left behind, as they were too small to drag the huge cotton sacks through the fields. Hard, backbreaking work, all races working side-by-side. It was work or starve, back then.

  16. Reparations my ass.
    When each black person who wants reparations proves through a genealogy search that they are the descendants of American Owned Slaves, pays for a DNA test and determines what country in Africa they came from, then they must demonstrate in a court of law that their lives would have been demonstrably better if they had grown up in Africa instead of America.

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