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Repeal and Replace

This morning C. Steven Tucker joined @AmyJacobson & @DanProft on Chicago’s @MorningAnswer to discuss the long awaited Obamacare REPEAL and its replacement which will begin in a few short weeks thanks to president elect Donald J. Trump.

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  1. We need to get GOVERNMENT out of the Healthcare Industry.

    Repealing the individual mandate should be goal one. Repealing Justice Roberts couldn’t hurt, either.

  2. @Ted Nougat — I haven’t listened to Tucker’s interview, but Trump’s statements regarding “replacement” is to get gov’t out of the healthcare industry and to replace it with market-driven entities like cooperation and competition by and between doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, drug mfgs, etc. He wants the power of the free market to decide winners and losers on the provisioning side so that citizens can benefit from the best care at the lowest cost through their free choice of how best to insure/care for themselves and their families. But, for those who are unable to afford any kind of insurance there needs to be some provision for them. What shape that takes isn’t well known yet. There are those who will simply opt out of any kind of insurance and that is the conundrum I’m most concerned about. How do I keep my insurance affordable if my insurance dollars keep going to pay for people who use the emergency room as their primary care physician? I’m sure this is such a fundamental issue that there are people working on that.

  3. Great interview Mr. Tucker! We were always ensured through big bank employers working in technology. Premiums jumped 200%, deductibles 4000%!

  4. I think we should just buy the ‘policy’ from the hospital. No middle guy needed.
    No insurance company taking its cut. I live in Pittsburgh so I buy my health insurance directly from one of the Pittsburgh hospitals. I can go to any hospital in an emergency
    but I will end up at UPMC. For instance. The policy also covers me when I’m in another town. Hospital to hospital reciprocity.

  5. What exactly has been the cost, not dollars, but health to those of us whose deductibles have risen to the $thousands? I know I don’t want to go to the doctor anymore because my deductible has suddenly reached $6600! That is what I need to pay out of pocket before “they” pay.

  6. Same here Meerkat Brzezinski I dropped out last month. I’ll have to pay my bill $200 a month. That’s all I can afford. Take it or leave it.

  7. The free market makes things cheaper. Flat screen tv’s used to cost 20k now you can buy one for $200. Let’s just let the free market do its thing and watch costs come down. And make these damn insurance companies compete with each other across state lines. Imagine if you were buying a car and you could only shop at dealerships in your city. They would gouge you. That’s what these health insurance companies are doing.

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