REPORT: At Least 15 Known Terrorists Have Been Arrested Trying To Jump The Southwest Border

Daily Caller-

More than a dozen suspected terrorists or people with close ties to Islamic militant groups have been arrested after trying to enter the country through the southwest border, according to an analysis of public records released Tuesday.

Since 2001, there have been at least 15 confirmed cases in which members of terrorist groups, including the Islamic State and al-Shabaab, were encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border or shortly after crossing illegally, says the report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

The individuals were among the thousands of so-called “special interest aliens” — people from countries beset by terrorism  — that are apprehended at the southern border on an annual basis.

“While President Trump may have raised the prospect of terrorist border infiltration to gain political advantage, facts would support his contention that Middle Easterners from places like Syria, Iraq, and Egypt, as well as from South Asia and the Horn of Africa, do indeed routinely travel the same routes as Hondurans to the U.S. southern border and that some terrorist suspects have traveled among them,” the report’s author, CIS fellow Todd Bensman, concluded. read more

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  1. This has been well-documented for the last ten years at least! Hezbollah, especially, has planted deep roots in South America and has been there since the 1980’s. This was a big concern during the obama regime and just like everything else, suddenly it’s being questioned under POTUS Trump? Absurd.

    Trump is right. The msm in the U.S. is an enemy of the people. I like Sundance’s term for the WAPO: “American Pravda.”

  2. (PDJT): Enrique, you need to stop that caravan. Turn them back.

    (Pres. Enrique Pena Nieto): Comer mierda, pinchazo.

    (PDJT): Enrique, we will fuck. You. Up. It’ll be YUGE.

    (Nieto): Si, senor. Tomaremos acción.

  3. Hey. I don’t want those bastards here for every reason I can publicly name and some I can’t but do you really think that only 15, in 20 years is a salable benchmark? I don’t.


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