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Let Go of Your Lego

The Guardian-

A team of doctors who swallowed Lego and timed how long it took to pass through their bowels say the results of their research should reassure concerned parents.

They developed their own metrics: the Stool Hardness and Transit (Shat) score and the Found and Retrieved Time (Fart) score.

The Fart score – how many days it took the Lego to pass through the bowels – was between 1.1 days and three days, with an average of 1.7 days.

The report noted that it was possible children’s bowels would react differently but there was “little evidence to support this”.

“If anything, it is likely that objects would pass faster in a more immature gut,” they wrote.

Leo said: “Hopefully there is more conversation and awareness of foreign bodies, and a reassurance for parents that, for small foreign bodies, they aren’t advised to search through the stool.

“If it’s a small Lego head, you don’t need to go poking through their stool. That should save parents some heartache, unless that Lego head is dearly loved.”


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  1. ““If anything, it is likely that objects would pass faster in a more immature gut,” they wrote.”

    It’s .125 the size! Are you kidding me? I mean that’s providing they don’t choke to death as it gets lodged in their tiny Esophagus. I’m guessing Lego paid for this study. Bring me these people.

  2. …I’m with @LocoBlancoSaltine, as much as it hurts to STEP on these edgy little knives, it really seems like PASSING one would be the pinnacle of pain, not to mention that it seems like it would slice your insides like Freddy Kruger at a hotel near a high school on prom night…

  3. oh, i get it, they give good lego head!
    took me a while but now i see what they’re really doing.
    they’re grooming the childrens by giving lego head.

  4. Wimps, it took me less than a day! No really, it happened! 45 years ago…a not-so-small Lego piece. Had bad habit of chewing plastic.

  5. I’m waiting for follow up study by team of LGBTQ doctors how long it takes for LEGO to pass the other way around and does it matter if its small “LEGO” head or big one.
    Yes I’m one of those “concerned” parents. 😉

  6. If you hand a Lego to a blind man and ask him whut it sez in braille,
    he’ll tell you they all say “Fuck You!”
    Hand him one of these and he’s gonna say “Aw shit!”

    Hey kid, if yer gonna scream like that,
    you had better be on fire with a stick in yer eye!
    …There’s a Lego in yer whut???


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