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Report: Biden Withholds $150M Of Ukraine Aid Amid Tensions

This seems oddly familiar…

OAN- Joe Biden is withholding military aid from Ukraine that had already been approved by Congress in the face of Russian military maneuvers at its borders.

Biden will reportedly provide only $125 million to Ukraine this year, although Congress has already approved a $275 million package. White House officials said $150 million of that aid will be withheld until Ukraine conducts the reforms that Biden is asking for.

Last year, President Trump was impeached and ultimately acquitted over a debunked allegation of withholding aid from Ukraine. Meanwhile, some believe Russia’s military is planning a new incursion into Ukraine, which has been left defenseless by Biden.

“The U.S. is attempting to push Ukraine into war…such a war needs to be limited in scale because the U.S. tends to always minimize its risks,” stated Aleksey Podberezkin, director of the Center for Military and Political Studies at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. “They would not engage in it directly, but this is one of their methods to bring collapse to a country and ultimately make leadership of the country give up its sovereignty.”

President Trump gave Ukraine $415 million in 2019, which included lethal weapons that arguably deterred Russian forces from waging war at the time. more

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  1. Does anyone believe that Bidens brain is working enough to actually have military strategies developing? ? Who’s running the White House and making these life and death decisions for America???

  2. Joe’s paving the way for Putin to invade. Taiwan can expect an attack from China about the same time, it’s likely been coordinated. Joe will do noting but get alot of our people killed.
    It’s coming.

  3. The fucking children are in charge of the candy store and they can’t hand out the goodies fast enough.

  4. Biden the puppet, he does not possess the mental acuity to form a sentence without a teleprompter and even then … “you know the thing”.
    Once a communist puppet, always a communist puppet.

  5. Doesn’t this quality as Russian Collusion? Where’s Robespierre Mueller and his Committee of Public Safety? Isn’t this grounds for Impeachment?

  6. When they don’t even hide the corruption.

    Like Turdo & the “WE” scandal. I got more info out of US news media than Canuckistan’s. Wonder why Eh!

  7. Same thing democrats whined, moaned, screamed and the impeached Trump for.
    There are different rules for them, and for the rest of America.


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