Report: FBI Recovers Deleted Hillary Clinton Emails

I’m sure the Clinton’s are overjoyed tonight!!!!

She’s done, folks. If you think she wasn’t lying about only deleting “wedding plans and yoga talk” emails you probably believe in man-made global warming too.


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  1. That’s not their call. Somebody would have had to give them that order. Kinda makes you wonder is somebody else isn’t concerned with what’s in those e mails

  2. In a futile attempt to cheer her up, Bill said, listen honey, Nelson Mandella became President,AFTER spending 35 years in prison, so there’s still hope.

    Doc, Pinko, and BFH have the photo of her reaction, but are probably too shy to show it.

  3. Ha ha ha ha you cankled commie.
    Yoga talk? Really? Did Bill call Killary a cow face and she thought he meant the yoga position?

  4. No celebration from me. There is a game afoot, but I have yet to figure it out. When Dems are fighting Dems and the media is happy, I know I am being lied to.

    Remember, these are the same people that make the Pope wait on them.

    It is all a well planned game.

  5. I’ve said before – I don’t see how she goes down without the 0bama going down with her. I still think this is all to clear her well-before the election. They are playing a three dimensional game of chess while our guys tend to play checkers and still don’t believe the opposition wants to totally destroy them.

    Perhaps Hillary will go down and the order has been given for the media and opinion makers to protect Teh One no matter what she reveals. They’ve been doing it for 6 years. It may end up that she and Bill will be so utterly destroyed by Obama, you may actually end up feeling sorry for them. This never-ending episode of the Twilight Zone has to end, eventually. This presidency is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on America. It’s the “lie so big” that many people just can’t wrap their heads around.

  6. I just want them to recover ONE email that they can prove was copied from the server before deletion, with a subject that is classified top secret. Because then President Trump’s AG will have the ammunition to fry her.

    And now you know why she said, “At this point, what difference does it make?” She thought that server was long dead.

  7. The ones that are the most damning will never see the light of day … because they implicate Obola, Jarrett, Clapper, the FBI will surely see to it.

  8. I do not believe for a minute that she handed over the original hard drives in that server. It is very likely that the FBI will be recovering files from a surplus public school server or emails that were planted there to be found. If anyone knows the value of missing tape, it is Hillery. She and her staff have had YEARS to erase evidence and hundreds of willing IT savvy people to help. It is simply not possible for her to have left anything worth finding behind.

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