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Report From the Minden Tahoe Trump Rally

From an iOTWreport reader who can reveal themselves in the comments if they wish.

A minimum of 10,000.
The cars we walked passed for about a mile were evenly split between California and Nevada.
Average age at this rally was remarkably young. I’m going to estimate 27.
  Next to us were two girls around 20 who drove 8 hours up from Pismo beach.

  Trump feeds the crowd and Trump feeds off the crowd. Lots of energy. We did not hear the majority of the speech it was so loud. Friendly bunch of people I’ve seen. The majority are all primed for the Insurrection Act Post election.
  On a side note, cell phones go dark once Trump arrives. No communication. Kind of interesting.

Lots of snipers.

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  1. VERY encouraging!

    I posted on an earlier thread that it is going to take a total and complete nationwide landslide victory at the polling booths for Trump to win without total anarchy and chaos by the left.

    This rally is yet another good sign that it could happen. But the treasonous media democrat mouthpieces are already laying the ground work for an all out psyops war to capture the (weak) minds of the mushy middle – including de-legitimizing the Insurrection Act.

  2. Great! The dems are done. Creepy Joe & Horizontal Harris are not a winning team.

    The antifa/blm goons are all in and the only thing they’re accomplishing now is to get more people to hate them. There’s a lot of talk about how there’s gonna be an insurrection if Trump wins. That’s Bullshit. The rioters are getting shot and run over now. Look for that to continue.

  3. Too bad we can’t clone Trump so he can be in more places. I’d sure like to see him in Washington, there’s plenty of pissed of donkeys here. It wouldn’t surprise me if Washington was in play.

  4. The energy at a Trump rally could power a good sized town for about a week. No big name warm-up bands and surrogate celebs from L.A., no free beer or food, no free tee shirts or hats, no free anything — except the promise of a free country.

  5. I graduated high school in that town. It had one stoplight back then in front of Sharky’s casino. The main drag was 395 and led to CA heading west, or Carson City heading east. Not a lot of night life but beautiful mountains all the way around, with vistas to the ends of the world and blue skys forever.
    There wasn’t an airport closer than Carson City, which was the state Capitol.

  6. Charlie, I have gone full circle, from hating Trump, to accepting him as the nominee to curiousity to respect, to admiration to down right loving him. I love that man too!

  7. As time goes on this year, it’s beginning to look like the End Game is not to really elect a Democrat for president.

    Something else is possibly planned during a three-legged stool environment consisting of COVID-19, the upcoming election and continual BLM-Antifa attacks.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  8. Brown Eyed Girl,

    My first guess was YOU!!

    Unfortunately, I am home with my foot propped up after pulling ligaments on Thursday. I was there in spirit, tho!


    I have heard people say if they cannot get a vote count, the position defaults to Pelosi. I pray that’s not the case!

  9. As long as “mail in voting” is allowed Trump simply CANNOT WIN.
    The commie left along with their complicit media whore accomplices
    AND the Postal Workers Union who endorsed Biden will manufacture
    as MANY FALSE BALLOTS AS IT TAKES to keep Trump from winning. The
    outcome of this election was determined the moment that “mail in voting”
    became allowed. It was the MAIN REASON for the PLANNEDDEMIC all along.

  10. Been thinking… Would this have been ‘Bad_Brad’? I think he lives an hour and a half from here.

    Things that make you go ‘hmmmmm’.

  11. @CCNV ~ be surprised if it was B_B …. not sure he would call Fed Sharpshooters ‘Snipers’

    & …. according to the 20th Amendment an ‘Acting President’ will be declared by “Congress” until the election is decided, or a new election can be held … not necessarily Plastic Nan

  12. I would think that addresses and signatures need to be checked by township and city clerks, which will be easy in rural areas. And won’t the postmarks need to be checked, too? In the Democratic controlled sh-hole cities it will take forever as they won’t have any volunteers. What will they do? Will we will need the armed forces to go in to help count the votes in the sh–hole cities, perhaps. Seems like we need a postmark deadline so votes aren’t just ‘found’ later on.

  13. Problem is, I doubt very much it’s going to be a clear landslide victory – given that the dims will cheat and muddy the water however they are able.
    Things are ‘radically’ different from the days of hanging chads.

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