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Report: Serbian Manipulation Of The 2020 Election In Favor Of Biden

The Balkan:
More details are coming to light about Serbian involvement in the manipulation of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. According to statement by a Serbian politician released on X (formerly Twitter), the results in several Michigan counties were manipulated from a Serbian IP address to switch votes in from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

The scheme to do this apparently began a decade earlier when Biden visited Serbia as Vice President to enlist the aid of Serbian computer software experts. Former United States Army Officer Scott Bennett, a counterterrorism analyst, said in a statement that “Biden visited Serbia in May of 2009 to personally recruit computer hackers there to control future Dominion Software in the elections…”

According to the video statement of the unnamed Serbian politician with knowledge of the matter: “Voting equipment produced by Dominion Voting Systems is being used in 69 out of 83 counties in Michigan. The fact that this isn’t some kind of mistake is confirmed by the information that the voting machines in another Michigan county, Wayne County, were hooked up to the Internet at the time of vote counting on November 3, 2020, at 11 pm, configured to the Serbian IP address, and thousands of votes given by the voters to Trump were from Serbia transferred to Biden.” MORE

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  1. Not to worry, soon this dangerous sort of misinformation will disappear along with the sites that promote it. Then you’ll be fed nothing but state sponsored pablum—and like it.

  2. It’s getting hard to tell who’s changing whose regime anymore, when governments are becoming transnational corporations on the way to a global amalgamation. I don’t think our own deep state knows what is really going on anymore. To paraphrase Johnny Taylor, “Who’s changing regimes in your own country, while you’re out changing regimes?”

  3. Yeah…so? Its not as though these TRUTHS haven’t been said time and time again over the past 4 years. This was TREASON at the highest level, and ALL involved should be charged and punished appropriately.

  4. Yeah, maybe. I am skeptical by nature and nurture. If we were given the freedom to chase these leads down and prove or disprove them in a timely manner, and then use the proven leads in the courts, we wouldn’t have ever had Jan. 6…or suffered as we have under the thumb of Obama’s Third Term.

    Pence is the ultimate hypocrite, condemning Trump for a moderate abortion policy, when it was Pence’s actions and inaction that have resulted in millions of unborn lives sacrificed to the wokist cult.

    Establishment Republicans have become so addicted to impotent posturing (analogous to self-pleasuring) as the loyal opposition that they find themselves incapable when given the opportunity to actually do something.


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