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Up Next: Wearing Jeans Causes Climate Change

Wendy Bell has the deets.

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  1. Yeah, sure, bullshit. But what else would I expect from a bunch of dirty, filthy hippie rejects who probably never washed their blue jeans. Rush used to say that he quit wearing denim when he grew up and started to dress himself appropriately as an adult to distinguish himself from the unwashed masses of hippies of the baby boomer generation.

  2. I am “now officially dumber.” I’ll buy that. Plus, several million cells have died in the last hour and aren’t being replaced. There is also a calcium shortage in several billion synapses at the moment because I never ate breakfast. Plus, I have an overwhelming urge to make a gin and lime juice before lunch.

  3. Ironically, one of the hottest items on ebay are those hideous wide hipped, flared bottom jeans from the late 90’s/early 2000’s – Jnco, South Pole, Tripp NYC. One auction had two pair of Jnco jeans sell for over 10 grand. Don’t know what is worse – the climate/jeans bullshit or the mentality of Gen Z paying that much for a pair of jeans.

  4. Hum, I have a feeling these people are picking on jeans because they are worn by working men.

    Working men. Typically men who are not pansies, but real men.

    Now they want real men to wear tights and then man buns. Pretty soon, you must paint your fingernails and wear mascara.

    Men, these people hate you, so just say no!

  5. My ICE car, my ceiling fan, my washer and dryer, my dishwasher, my gas stove, my thermo stat and furnace, my steaks and hamburger, my lawn mower and weed eater, my old light bulbs, my dog, and my blue jeans are all wonderful things and make my life comfortable. The climate commies can kiss my ass, I’m keeping them all and using them as often as I want. Now pardon me while I fire up my charcoal bbq and throw on a 1.5″ ribeye

  6. Societal Observer
    TUESDAY, 9 APRIL 2024, 12:01 AT 12:01 PM
    “Now pardon me while I fire up my charcoal bbq and throw on a 1.5″ ribeye”

    1.5″ (inch) seems a little small.

    You might want to go with a 1.5# (pound) ribeye instead.

  7. steak…is a fiery thing. my steak fell in a burning ring of fire, it went down, down, down, and the grease got higher, and its burnt, burnt, burnt, my steak’s on fire – apologies to j. cash

  8. I remember seeing some really foul looking and smelling jeans wearing hippies at the OC boardwalk when I was a kid in the late 60s,early 70s. I bet the emissions they produced contributed to climate change.

  9. Wendy looks pretty gaunt. She could use a bit more meat on her face and ditch the curly-haired Italian look.

    (Check back often for more appearance tips.)

  10. Societal Observer
    TUESDAY, 9 APRIL 2024, 12:17 AT 12:17 PM
    “Symbolism – Perhaps, but I believe bbq steak aficionados knew what I meant.
    Thank you for your interest in my comment.”

    This is a great response. Polite, not snarky or sarcastic, doesn’t even call out my ignorance of this being thickness and not diameter, and winds it up with a “thank you for reading” where a more barbed “thanks for playing” would have been justified.

    Other than the subtle backhanded inference that I do not love bbq enough to know its nuances as others do, this is one of the nicest responses to an erroneous fact nazi I’ve ever seen.

    Well done!

    Seriously, more of THIS please! It really is elevating the site that we CAN handle these things without cussing or cattyness, and proof that genteel disdain is not yet dead.

  11. All I know is that designer jeans used to cause a climactic change inside my pants when I attended ASU 40 odd years ago .. especially when hot young women were wearing them.

    And at ASU that was basically all of them. I dont know how I ever graduated from that place


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