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Report: The Lab Grown ‘GOOD Meat’ Company Has a Murky Past

National Pulse: The Lab Grown ‘GOOD Meat’ Company Has a Murky Past, and They’re Extremely Sensitive About It.

On March 21, GOOD Meat, the lab-grown, “cultivated” meat division of Eat Just Inc., announced that it had received an important preliminary approval from the FDA to bring one of its alternative meat products to market in the US. The approval, in the form of a “no questions” letter, means that the FDA has accepted the company’s claim that its first product, cultivated chicken, is safe to eat. The evaluation process involved a detailed submission from GOOD Meat about the safety and production process for the product, including assurances about its nutritional content and purity.

The letter comes two years after GOOD Meat received its first approval, from the government of Singapore, and served its chicken product to the public for the very first time, at upmarket Singapore restaurant called 1880. It has since been sold in a variety of locations in the city-state, from street stalls to the prestigious Huber’s Butchery. At present, GOOD Meat remains the only producer of lab-grown meat in the world not only to have the necessary approvals to sell its products to consumers, but also to have done so. Although Upside Foods secured FDA approval before GOOD Meat, it has yet to feed any paying customers. MORE

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  1. Batter it, throw it in the deep-fryer and smother it in sauce. Couldn’t be worse than the mystery meat that can be found in some less reputable all-you-can-eat joints.

    You can bet that the first customers will be the fluidized meat users: chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, boneless wings, chicken franks, etc.

    My guess is that they will drop the immortal cells and harvest cells on a regular basis. PETA and the radical vegans are never going to approve of meat anyway, so why try to placate them?

  2. Here I thought all the missing cats in Chinatown was a low as we could go on the “Tastes Like Chicken” ladder.

    It’s going to be a challenge to find REAL food in the not-to-distant future. Where’s that overdue Sweet Meteor?

  3. If cows are a scourge on the Earth and must be eliminated to save the Planet from drowning, what about all those other useless feeders like starlings, flamingoes, ducks, robins, hummingbirds…?

    If rice is now determined as a cause of the climate crisis – have you heard the new one about seas rising by 30 feet? – why not get rid of all the other useless earth-killing plants, too?

    I dunno, it must just be my antiquated mindset, but there is something fundamentally inhuman about trying to eliminate “cruelty” from food and substitute mindless, robotic industrial processing to make “ethical” protein paste grown in tanks.

    You Are What You Eat


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