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Ukraine Considers Honoring Top Nazi Collaborator

Ukraine Considers Honoring Top Nazi Collaborator Who Approved Unit With ‘Absolute Obedience’ to Adolf Hitler.

National Pulse – Kiev’s city council is weighing up whether to name a street in the Ukrainian capital after Volodymyr Kubiyovych, a known Nazi collaborator and SS Officer during World War Two.

Kubiyovych’s name was by far the most popular choice amongst locals – receiving a plurality of more than 30 percent of the vote in his favor. The news further embarrasses the corporate media and Western governments who have repeatedly claimed that Nazis and Neo-Nazis are not prevalent in the country being currently bolstered by American tax dollars.

The option to rename the street in Kubiyovych’s honor has since been delayed by the mayor of Kiev, after complaints made by Eduard Dolinsky, the Director of the Ukrainian-Jewish Committee, as well as Israeli Ambassador Michael Brodsky.

A final decision is now to be made, with the opportunity to rename it after Kubiyovych remaining a possibility.

Who was Volodymyr Kubiyovych?

Kubiyovych is a revered figure amongst Ukrainian nationalists and Azov Battalion Neo-Nazis.

He was one of the most prevalent Ukrainians to collaborate with the Nazis, as well as serving as head of the Ukrainian Central Committee in Nazi-occupied Krakow. MORE

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  1. … and you wonder why I’m on Russia’s side on this one.

    Remember, The Canuckistan Media branded Truckers & Farmers as various scum of the earth.

    The Media is why I don’t side with the Media. I met those Protestors personally. They were Blue collar workers, Moms, dads, & Families.

    I WILL NEVER believe the CBC. EVER.

  2. American;

    You won the Women’s World Ice Hockey Championship tonight. 6 – 3
    I was Pulling for your girls.
    They played VERY well, despite being away from home & facing SHITHEAD REFEREES.


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  4. Not defending Nazis or anything but wouldn’t it be nice if the people of Kiev could tell the world to ,”Fuck off!! We will decide how our streets are named, your permission is neither needed nor wanted”.

    Where I live they have streets named after Cesar Chavez, Willie Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Harvey Milk, and Huey Newton and they didn’t ask anyone’s permission to celebrate truly despicable people with a street name christening.

  5. It would be nice to see the Ukraine independent of Russia, Little “z”, & US/NATO interference…

    But there is a lot of evidence that HAD to be BURNED to ashes, Eh Shitpants?

  6. I did nazi this coming. Imagine the führer if they go ahead with this? What the heil are they thinking? It’s just not reich, Ann Frankly I hope they don’t do it.


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