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This Ad’s for You

When you’re a multibillion-dollar company with a deep rich history of iconic advertising the source material for memes to laugh at you and your product is going to be extensive. This take on Anheuser-Busch uses one of their most beloved symbols to maybe drive some sense into the company. Watch
Oh, and never forget, Gillette Here

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  1. A lot of the ads nowadays I don’t even know what the heck it is that they’re trying to sell. I keep my Kindle handy for when they decide to unleash another uninterrupted 8 minutes of commercials.

  2. True Story
    Real Time
    In Dev Elsewhere
    Search Res: 3+1
    Wait’ll Y’all See
    Three of a Perfect Pair

    P.S. This Post is Off-Topic from Thread, however it is an advert for a little piece of pie.

  3. The dummies that post links to the “patriotic version” on order to mock it, are actually doing the opposite and are actually promoting it.

    Why do you think Fox News has run it over and over again, for free, as they claim to be so outraged.

    You are being played by New York Wall Street Money Grubbers. Never forget that.

    Not even msNBC has done as much to promote the Tranny Side. They just defend it, Fox actively promotes it. Same with the Pills. Don’t you see yet?

  4. Long before trannies became the most important people, Anheuser-Busch was contributing money to gun control groups. Haven’t bought a single Buttlicker since and they are owned by some Belgian company since 2008.


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