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How Do You Get an Idiot Out of a Tree?

Just wave at him.

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  1. To funny. Reminds me of that band Simple Brains. LOL. Anout 15 years ago I had some employees unloading a semi trailer full of aluminum with our fork lift. It was raining like a tall cow pissing on a low flat rock. The goof ball driving the forklift, state certified mind you, backed off the paved area into the mud. Got the rear wheels buried. their solution? Run a chain from the raised forks over the roll cage hooked onto the back of the forklift. Lower the forks ergo lifting the back end of the lift out of the mud. I laughed so hard I couldn’t even get mad. Hey I guess at least they were trying to think.

  2. When young and playing ball in the streets of inner city Cleveland we were always at risk of losing the only ball in existence down a storm sewer. Our solution was to pop off the access grate and lower one of us into the sewer to retrieve the ball. It was a short straw deal. Two friends, one holding each leg, lowered the lucky winner into the sewer. Nobody ever let go as you might be the next lucky short straw winner. We always got the ball back and the game went on.

  3. His friend are very Stupid.
    and they are crossing your southern boarder at will.

    Our Idiots just freeze in the snow & Die.
    We find them right about now during the thaw.

  4. Uncle Al
    Honestly, when I was typing this out I was thinking Uncle Al will get a kick out of this story. All young guys. I think most of them were thinking the ring leader was on crack. But just not quite secure enough to call bull shit. Good times back then,

  5. Ever had a sky track nearly fully extended with a bucket of morter at about 25 feet up, on a slope, and riding right on the edge, and pulling it off. Active eod site with soundtracks too. Good Times.

  6. At Brad
    In the driver dudes defense
    If you would have let 2 or 3 of the heavier guys just standing around stand on the cab, it might have worked with front wheel drive.

  7. My brother had a guy limbing a Doug Fir tree at his rental house while he and I were doing some other work. I hear the saw going and then a scream and a hella thud and the saw idling. I go around to see WTF that was about and the dumb bastard had propped the ladder against the limb he took off against the trunk and rode the 20’ ladder down into to the sod. It knocked him about half cuckoo and from where he started that didn’t leave much.

    Brother comes around the house about ten seconds later and I tell him what the score was. He said he had already told him to come down from the ladder twice and repositioned the ladder off a branch he had been ready to cut and gave him specific instructions regarding what and thoroughly explained why.

    It just shows to go you, it doesn’t matter how much you try to idiot proof a simple task, they just come along behind and build a better idiot.

  8. @ JD
    That is golden right there.
    Sponsored by, you’re not going to tell me what to do.
    He’ll probably find a lawyer and Sue the ladder company because it didn’t have that one last warning sticker on it.


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