Reporter has response for the leftist scold

This idiotic question was left for Chanel Rion after she asked the President a leading, and glowing, question at a white house briefing session (something the media did for Obama all the friggin time.)

Read her response here –.

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  1. So, in the overall population, how many people will ever read and consider this response?

    Thinking people may, but we are becoming a fear driven people that doesn’t think logically and doesn’t seriously consider anything that doesn’t fit into their emotional state.

  2. Sooo … which “Anonymous” was it?

    This Anonymous or that Anonymous?

    Keeping your head when everyone around you is panicking is a sign of good leadership – which President Trump epitomizes – and she’s entirely correct – questions neither assist nor inhibit viruses. I used to tell my students “There are NO dumb questions” but sometimes dummies ask questions.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. What price will the criminal media play when the dust settles on this hoax? Please start believing your lying eyes and perhaps use this forced vacation to oil your guns

  4. We may or may not have a legitimate pandemic on our hands, we definitely have a situation where state and local governments are shutting most things down which will have severe adverse economic effects, and people are very worried about this situation. Yet our mighty mainstream press is fretting about whether or not calling this the “China virus” will upset the Chinese although, to be fair, we all know this originated in China.

    If these people had been covering the Titanic disaster, they would have been prattling on about the potential delay to the first dinner seating in first class while ignoring the fact that the ship had a big hole in it. The White House “press corp” deserves every bit of scorn heaped on them, and in fact Ms. Rion was still far to nice to them.

  5. Waiting for one question that is helpful in containing the spread of the virus. I have heard a number of responses that have been beneficial…

    It’s all about the MEdia to them

  6. Didn’t even have the guts to ask her the question himself. Wow. What a crackerjack “journalist” he is!

  7. Yes it was helpful!

    It helped normal people like us see that President Trump shoots straight and is a truthful and accurate as is reasonable!

    It helps to show that Left Media is more concerned about offending a government that DOES NOT HAVE FREE ELECTIONS!

    I could go on but we all are mostly on the same page here.

  8. Tony R,
    Arsonists are often sexually gratified by arson (so I’ve been led to believe).
    Most of them are male.
    Hence …

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Tony R
    MARCH 20, 2020 AT 10:37 AM
    “Why does the stick figure guy on the Burn Unit sign have an erection?”


    …’cause fire is HOT!!! 😉

  10. @Tony R
    At first I didn’t get your question, but then I backed up to the main page and saw BFH’s image. I laughed out loud.

  11. Tony R
    MARCH 20, 2020 AT 10:37 AM
    “Why does the stick figure guy on the Burn Unit sign have an erection?”

    …there’s sonething to what @Tim says, too, but I’m TRYING to skip the serious for once…

  12. the democrats and msm are still fighting over what to name the kung flu with the president
    while the president is fighting the kung flu

    come on people – who do you luv?

  13. Press passes should good for one meeting at a time. Note who asks stupid questions, no press pass next time. The White House should Control their own press corps.

  14. “Murderous Chinese Government” is right on the button.

    The PRC government and business leaders (not the ordinary people) are not to be trusted in any way. The globalists tried to make an upstanding world citizen out of a cruel totalitarian state. That’s like trying to make a venomous snake into a cute and playful puppy.

    It was doomed to failure and this (and other horrors) is the result.


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