Republican Congresswoman Mace calls Democrats’ D.C. statehood bill ‘ideological terrorism’ – IOTW Report

Republican Congresswoman Mace calls Democrats’ D.C. statehood bill ‘ideological terrorism’


“This is nothing but a naked power play today,” she said on the House floor. “That’s all this is about. People who can’t get their radical agenda passed under the system our framers set out now want to blow it up. This is nothing but ideological terrorism by those willing to completely ignore our Constitution and system of government.” – Just The News

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  1. And all the democrats in the House respond ,”So?”

    The dems have the car keys, they can drive this country wherever the hell they want. When Georgia fell, they got the green light. To not take advantage of their majority status would be foolish.

    We can expect an authoritarian onslaught, a rejiggering of the financial system, voting rights, civil liberties like gun rights, freedom of speech and worship, whole sale blitzkrieg on the fossil fuel industry, judicial activism, and a hard shift of the culture, a censorious culture whose moral compass is broken.

  2. Hmmmm let’s see, the majority of citizens in DC are direct employees of the federal government or indirectly make their living off of the federal government. A wolf and the hen house comes to mind here. But no conflict of interest here at all, move along, nothing to see here.

  3. “The bill would repeal the 23rd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and redraw the existing boundaries of the nation’s capital to create the “State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth.” The legislation passed in the House following the debate, 216-208, along party lines.”

    Pretty sure it takes an amendment to repeal an amendment, not a simple majority vote in both chambers. Not that the Dems care about such formalities…

  4. There is a reason that the Founding Fathers did not make DC a state. They realized that the majority of the population would be the entrenched establishment. They knew that most of the inhabitants would be elected officials or their minions.
    Sure, let’s give the elected officials even more power by giving them seats in the House nad Senate … NOT.

  5. Mace also noted for her anti Trump statement post 1/6. Curious what’s with SC?
    You have Tim Scott jumping on the systemic racism bandwagon for the GOP, of course there’s Lindsey, and bringing up the rear backstabbing RINO Nikki Haley.

  6. Nothing wrong with the good people of South Carolina, with exception of the politicians(which all suck). Wife and I are conservative and have given up on GOP. Will not vote in next election, need to move things along, we can’t vote our way out of this anymore.

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