Republicans Introduce Bill To Label Antifa Domestic Terrorists After Attack on ICE Facility

*Rant at the bottom.

Epoch Times:

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.) introduced a bill on July 18 that would label Antifa a domestic terror organization after police in Washington said an Antifa member committed a terror attack on an immigration facility and Antifa members battered a journalist in Portland in broad daylight without being arrested.

“Antifa is a group of hateful, intolerant radicals who pursue their unhinged agenda through aggressive violence,” Cruz said in a statement announcing the introduction of the resolution.

“Time and time again their actions have demonstrated that their only purpose is to inflict harm on those who oppose their views. The hate and violence they spread must be stopped, and I am proud to introduce this resolution with Senator Cassidy to properly identify what Antifa are: domestic terrorists.”

Cassidy called Antifa “violent masked bullies who ‘fight fascism’ with actual fascism.” MORE

*Here’s that rant: Please PLEASE PlEaSe! For the love of everything crunchy and delicious. Can we all please stop using the word “Bully” when speaking about adults?!

These are criminals in adult bodies committing crimes, not a pack of wild 5th graders giving somebody an atomic wedgie.
Don’t give these subhumans cutesy labels. Antifa are not bullies.
People who throw crap on or steal belongings from people at a coffee shop are not bullies.
People who harass others to the point of them losing their livelihoods are not bullies. They are thugs. Emotionally/mentally damaged thugs.
Call them felons, or all them a$$holes but don’t call them bullies.
Sound serious and be serious.
Use your BIG words, dammit!

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  1. If I were a gambling man, I’d be putting money on this as a bill that goes nowhere.

    Why didn’t the Republicans do anything back when they controlled both the House and Senate?

    Maybe they really don’t want to succeed at something like that, but are willing to do it now, when they know it will fail, to look like they do.

  2. Glad to see two people putting a little effort, (way too late), to do one thing that might slightly slow the socialist takeover? The RNC is responsible for America’s decline into fascism. Enforcing the law and speaking the truth was our only hope of stopping this horrible movement. Lazy bureaucrats doing nothing is what we have.

  3. If these two think the DNC is going to let their goon squad get labeled what they are, they are in for one hell of a surprise.

  4. This bill likely won’t pass, but when the Demonrats vote against it, they will be endorsing Antifa and all their terroristic tactics. For. Everyone. To. See. This will not play well with moderates and independent voters.

  5. The mask is completely off. This is representative of we are seeing in local FAKE news regarding the terrorist attack in Tacoma last week

    One man committed vile acts at Tacoma detention center. Another does so from the White House
    “We’re being torn apart — limb by limb, and meme by meme — by the Trump administration’s racism and nationalism, and nowhere is that struggle more evident than when it comes to immigration.”
    Read more here:

  6. “Why didn’t the Republicans do anything back when they controlled both the House and Senate?”

    If only. In actuality Ryan was working behind the scenes with Democrats.

  7. What took so long?

    And do we need a “bill” to tackle the problem of the organized law breaking by Antifa?

    Here’s a novel idea — let’s enforce the laws on the books.

    Just askin’.

  8. @ Anonymous JULY 20, 2019 AT 10:50 AM

    They have no intention of enforcing the law.

    What I posted link to above is a straight up, thinly veiled, apologetic for domestic terrorism published in the Tacoma News Buffoon. Make no mistake about it, this asshole was communicating with the Mayor and half or more of the City Council while putting the finishing touches on it prior to publication.

    He has close ties to Governor Inslee’s office too. Communicates with them daily

  9. Make any crime committed by more than three people a gang or terrorist act. Go straight to GITMO. Also make it illegal to cover faces in committing crime or protesting. Additionally, make protesters get permits to protest on public property and post enough bond (1 mil. +) to cleanup after they leave or pay for any damage caused.

  10. I’ve been making fun of the word bully since it rose in popularity.

    A 10 year old calling one of his peers Fatty McFatstien is not bullying. In fact, it’s down right unhealthy not to encourage other kids to call the fat kid fat.

    I would have rather died as a kid than go to a grownup and say so and so was bullying me. I would have said instead that the kid was harassing me.

    You know, just so I could say the word ass to a grownup.

    I fully agree. The word bully is juvenile, but my dogs love Bully Sticks.

  11. 10 years LATE (Remember “Occupy [POOPify] Wall Street?” 🙄 ), but nice to see they’re STARTING to catch on to the TRUMP way of doing business!

  12. Scuse me, but isn’t it the doj/fbi job to label the sick-shit snitpusses?
    Ridicule them. Call em pantyfa.
    They’re not active here in vagina because it is illegal to wear masks and(white hoods). They are pussies, afraid to show their ugly faces. They don’t wanna get in trouble…..mommy and daddy will cut off their allowance and internet. Some if not all are afraid of gettin’ plooked while in jail.
    They only prosper where allowed to.

  13. ..and guess what. antifa has ties to queer groups.

    so if white nationalist groups need to be banned for “ties to a criminal”, then all those faggot groups need to be banned from social media and have special scrutiny from the fbi, too.

    but of course they won’t get the same treatment. they’re all fags.

  14. If this bill passes (slim chance!) and is signed into law, does that mean I can shoot the fuckers on sight?


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