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Revolution In China – Whose Side Are You On Joe?

AND Magazine:
Xi Jinping appears committed to his draconian lockdown measures in China. Whether these actions are truly designed to control COVID or in fact, intended to destroy the power and influence of increasingly pro-Western elements in China’s south remains perhaps unclear. What is very clear, however, is that the people of China have had enough.

China disappeared behind the “Bamboo Curtain” in 1949. Its people have endured almost seventy-five years of horror. Untold millions have died of famine or been tortured to death in prison camps. The current regime makes hard cash through forced organ harvesting and is trying to breed the Uyghurs out of existence through mass rape.

Any sign that the people of China are rising up against his tyranny ought to be great news for all the freedom-loving people of the world. The United States of America, that “shining city on the hill,” ought to be the loudest voice of all calling for change. more

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  1. Duh, joey sides with the commies in charge of China. Anyone with an ounce of brains of common sense and not brainwashed by wokeism and the lamestream media knows that. Joey is truly the Emperor with no clothes, everyone with eyes to see can see that. He is totally, creepily, buck naked for all to see except for the libtards and other sycophants who think that he and the democraps (RINO’s as well) are the greatest leaders in America ever. BULLSHIT!

  2. Dementia Joe is waiting to hear from the smartest person he knows, and Humper is waiting to hear from his Chinese Masters. This is going to require a couple of weeks to thoroughly consider, which will give the ChiComs time to set loose the Reds on those unruly citizens foolish enough to believe that the Obiden Administration will support them. Stolen elections have have catastrophic consequences.

  3. Yeah, China owns Jackass Joe, no doubt! But make no mistake about it, they also know that they don’t need to buy up the entire United States to control us!

    … just 51 percent!

  4. Fauci is good with the Chicom lockdown policy, and so is Joe. Remember, Joe wanted to impose fedetal lockdowns here by such means as requiring masks and jabs to use interstate expressways, and he would have gone further. Australia is halfway down the totalitarian lockdown hole, and the US was—and I believe still is—poised to follow it. The only things holding our govetnment back are the focus on the Great Replacement, the lack of concentration camp infrastructure and of course, the 2nd Amendment.

    But it’s got to be a real conundrum for the deep state, because the new alliance between Russia and China is very threatening, and anything that weakens that alliance would ostensibly be a good thing, but OTOH, the US is in too deep with China to be unaffected and undamaged by China’s political turmoil. It would be one thing is this revolutionary upheaval was fomented and controlled by our deep state, but it is not. The Chicoms did this all by themselves.

    Most likely, the Chicom government will prevail brutally, especially if it loses too much face. The Chinese people will probably fall back into line soon enough, and the Uniparty and the Chicoms will get back to business as usual. So I expect TPTB to keep riding the fence until that happens.

  5. One of my sons is in Taiwan till Christmas. I hope his company has a plan to get their employees out if the Chicoms make their move.


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