Zelenskyy Asks for Another $55 Billion to Pay for Budget, Infrastructure, Government Expenses and Pensions of Ukraine – IOTW Report

Zelenskyy Asks for Another $55 Billion to Pay for Budget, Infrastructure, Government Expenses and Pensions of Ukraine


Has anyone stopped to ask why the United States taxpayer is responsible for funding the government operations of Ukraine, to include the paychecks and pensions of Ukrainian government officials, or nah?

As Joe Biden and various Democrat and Republican leaders are gleefully willing to keep pushing U.S. taxpayer money into Ukraine, there does come a time when we have to start asking some questions about the disconnect in regard to the opinion of the American people.   Tucker Carlson noted this question last night.

19 Comments on Zelenskyy Asks for Another $55 Billion to Pay for Budget, Infrastructure, Government Expenses and Pensions of Ukraine

  1. …you’ve got to give Zelenskyy this…he doesn’t half-ass…when blackmailing The Big Guy, no one has to tell HIM to say “Billions” instead of “Millions”…go big or go home, and he’s certainly doing THAT…if you’re going to commit a crime anyway, steal the Hope Diamond, not shoplift costume jewelry from Claire’s…

  2. Kill his coke dealer, and most of this will go away. Poison his supply, and it all goes away. And we can always blame the Russians and their Novichok.

  3. They’re not just giving it away; most of it is coming right back to utterly corrupt politicians.

  4. Col. Alex Vindman
    Then . . .
    Then . . .
    Then . . .
    Then . . .
    Broadcast Networks
    Then . . .
    Then . . .
    Board Rooms
    Then . . .
    Then . . .
    The ROOT

    Chains of Command

  5. Zelenskyy certainly has someone by the balls – but it ain’t the Retarded Pedophile Joey. Joey’s beyond threats. He’s an empty suit – a retarded puppet. When the House approves this latest batch of laundry we’ll know who’s on the take and who isn’t. It’s a two-pronged approach – it contributes to the inflationary scheme were functioning under and it enriches the corrupt maggots who approve of it.
    Nobody’s hiding any more – they’re stealing right in front of us as though daring us to do something about it.
    Budget, infrastructure, and pensions have NOTHING to do with the purported war – pure, unadulterated, unmitigated, in-your-face corruption.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. What to do though? A person with eyes to see with knows this is all corrupt and our voting system is now set up to produce ‘correct’ results to allow it to continue. How can we change the course? What will it take for the people’s voice to be not just heard but obeyed as it should be?

  7. Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire is worth another look. We’ve been funding their gov’t for many years.

  8. Isn’t the Russian government really good at poisoning their political enemies?

    Asking for a friend…

  9. Only one way to stop the war machine and future generation theft of wealth. Once the deficit exceeds 1% of GDP, all members of congress are ineligible for reelection. Politicians have been given a credit card with zero limit and unlimited access to the money printing machine. That way they have no interest in the success of citizens to pay taxes, but only a strong desire to enrich themselves at the expense of all citizens, treating us all like red headed step children. Up until the early 80s, a shoe salesman as the sole provider in a family could afford and save. They stole that from us. Now it requires two parents working with two college degrees running up personal debt and they might barely get by.

  10. Chalets in Switzerland ain’t cheap. I think if you check the luggage of any of those politicians coming back from Ukraine you might find a lot of cash, diamonds, etc.

  11. Like SNS said… if they keep handing you everything you asked for and more, well you keep asking for more.

  12. The Ukraine is a money laundry for the CIA. That’s why they ignore all of the Biden crime family malarkey. 10% is a drop in the bucket compared to what the deep state is skimming.

  13. Suggestion: send me the pallets of $55b and I’ll see that it is properly distributed…

  14. Kcir - Don't Care, Everything I$ $till out of $tock for 3 month$

    If the US gives him $110 Billion will that SHUT HIS MOUTH until AFTER Christmas?


  15. So the Biteme Crime family Syndicate makes another 5 1/2 billion off this deal, eh?

  16. Why the HELL are we paying their pensions and salaries? They have absolutely no means of support? What the @#$%!!!!

  17. Tell Zelinsky to follow one of the spam links we keep getting, and cut him off.

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