Rhetorical Question of the Day

Which person do you think would handle $45 billion more wisely,

The man who generated the wealth in the first place 



or the man who wants to redistribute it?

epa04724785 A file picture dated 28 April 2012 shows US Senator Bernie Sanders discussing the need for Wall Street reform debate outside U.S. Capitol building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. USA. Independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders announced on 28 April 2015 that he will run for president in the 2016 US presidential elections challenging Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination. EPA/ASTRID RIECKEN


Follow up- Take away the money and how is Mark Zuckerberg any different from any other person who has generated wealth in our society?

Both questions are rhetorical.



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  1. I’m with the Goat on this one. I refuse to pick either one of these Socialist fucktards.

  2. wait! wait! I got it! I looked at the pics above and realized….


  3. I suppose Zuckerbugs giving private info to Germany’s Merkel
    so she can crack down on Islam bashing citizens is a different

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