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Rich New Yorkers and Celebs Are Tripping Off Shrooms

New York Post:

Suzie and David Stadnyk were never ones to do drugs, but when they both turned 59 last August, the couple decided it was time to experiment.

“We wanted to be more spiritual,” said Suzie.

So the pair, who both work in venture capital and divide their time between Central Park South and Vancouver, started dabbling in psychedelics. They headed to the high-end Costa Rican retreat Rythmia for a week of organic food and massage, plus a “liberation dance” and four nights taking the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca under medical supervision.

The first night, David downed three shots glasses of a molasses-thick intoxicating ayahuasca brew and went into a tailspin.

“I was trying to fend off angular visions coming at me, which wasn’t a lot of fun,” he told The Post. The next night he took a smaller dose and had a very, very good trip.

“That was the best night of my life,” he said. “I met the soul I lost as a child and we had a conversation, and I’m really not like that. There were shaman dogs there and one came over, stuck out this very long tongue and said, ‘You are OK, you know’ … It was a wonderful, beautiful experience. I was floating and thought, ‘If I need to die it should be now because I don’t think I could feel any better.’”   more here

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  1. Lately, libs and their unending quest to re-discover themselves and find contentment is a constant source of amusement.

    Most sane folks get a handle on their lives at the latest mid ’30s. They know what they believe, having spent years analyzing their values and what makes sense to them. But libs can never get it right, their lives are tragically un-moored and nothing they do brings purpose, satisfaction, or moral fulfillment. Their lives are a constant running shit-show.

    Feel sorry for them, sure, but always keep them at arm’s length.

  2. Too busy building things for this fantasy. These people will have nothing to show for their Earthly presents… I think maybe just time squandered.

  3. why would anyone ever want to take psychotropics in NYC?
    ohhhh- look at the pretty concrete, and isn’t the smell of piss beautiful?

    they’ll start out with neurons and wind up with norons

  4. When I was stationed in Biloxi we used to go pick fresh cubensis mushrooms off the top of cow patties (It was the 70’s, what can I say). We would laugh so hard the next day our faces would be sore.

  5. It’s about time the psychedelics made its turn around the wheel and showed up again. Should be fun as the predictable course works itself out. The fancy avant dopes get ‘er going and the midwit followers jump in to keep up.

    Do be somewhat careful, it is possible to really scramble up your inner workings if you do things wrong.

  6. I took some and had a very meaningful, insightful and coherent conversation with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. This scared the hell outta me, and I realized I not only had unequal capacity, but no capacity to equalize anything and that the time to do ‘shrooms is not the right time to being timely about anything at any time.

    That’s all, fat.

  7. There isn’t a psychedelic known to man that could reproduce what I experienced in Haight-Asbury during the summer of ’63’

  8. Psilocybin is more user friendly
    Until you take one that is not the right one, went to a party years ago & someone brought a bunch that he said were the good ones, he was wrong & several people paid the price.

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  10. Time to dust off the 60’s lingo.

    “Far Out, Man”
    “You’re Trippin'”
    “It’s all so Beautiful”
    “Everybody Must Get Stoned”.
    “No Dope, No Hope”
    “Off The Pigs”.
    “Ass, Grass, or Gas – Nobody Rides For Free”

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