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Afghanistan One Year Later: What Does America Really Think?

One year after the surrender, Americans remain deeply unsettled about the end of the war: Last September, TIPP did some of the earliest polling on how Americans viewed the fall of Afghanistan. This data revealed strong concerns about the potential for Afghanistan to be a base for future terrorist attacks against the United States, a desire to retain counter-terrorism capabilities in the country, and a disinclination to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan (although there was a stronger partisan split on this question with 40% liberals likely to support the move as opposed to only 13% of conservatives).

Earlier this month, TIPP revisited the topic in anticipation of the one-year anniversary of the end of America’s “longest war” with three questions on whether or not the fall of Afghanistan was a “generational setback” for the United States, on whether or not the fall of Afghanistan encouraged Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, and on whether or not Afghanistan might be exploited for future terrorist attacks on the United States.

A majority of Americans (53%) agreed that the fall of Afghanistan was indeed a “generational setback” for the United States.  Although conservatives were more likely to agree at 64% versus 47% of moderates and 45% of liberals, for no group did a majority disagree with the statement.

Views on a connection between the fall of Afghanistan and Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine in light of perceived American weakness fall on similar lines, with about a half of respondents agreeing and a quarter disagreeing. Again, there was a partisan split with 59% of conservatives agreeing compared to 42% of moderates and 43% of liberals. more

6 Comments on Afghanistan One Year Later: What Does America Really Think?

  1. and Vindeman is now tele-remotely running Ukraines air defense . . . makes you go . . aaahhhaaa

  2. I’ll say it again; we should have nuked Tora Bora right at the start and then left immediately after.

  3. How are the Americans and allies doing since Biden abandoned them.
    How many executed and tortured?

    How many thousands of taliban and unvetted afghanistanis were allowed in the US on the Air Force Flights.

    Biden is an idiot, yet the Dept. of State and the Pentagon continue to feed Americans lies after lies.

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  5. The typical actions of a cardboard dummy board who goes by the name of Joe Biden.

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