As If We Need More Proof Biden is an Imbecile – IOTW Report

As If We Need More Proof Biden is an Imbecile

Look at this dope-

10 Comments on As If We Need More Proof Biden is an Imbecile

  1. I can’t imagine how Jill caught it And she’s a doctor*!

  2. You couldn’t tell with all the lefties across the web.
    All of them on board with VoteBlue! VoteBlue! We love our Joe!

    Really? Is it because everything is just super duper now and life and the economy could not be any more blissful?
    No. It’s because they hate Trump – the guy who actually WAS doing something to make American Life better.
    What a bunch of shitbirds.

  3. Turnip Joe did that during his campaign – pulled his mask down, coughs into hand, pulls mask back up. Whatta maroon.

  4. Here we have Jackass Joe who for eight, long years was the Number One Observatory Circle Jerk who loved to drink, give dull parties, cheap presents, nothing to charity, can’t count past three, tells off-color 7-11 dwarf jokes, enjoys playing mumbley-peg with dim-witted quadrupeds and deserves the same general esteem as an Organ Grinder’s monkey that shouldn’t be trusted with a burnt-out match let alone nuclear codes… not to mention 49 years of NOTHING from this Tourettes-addled, grinning imbecile with the mental agility of a small plant stand! Now that he is President coughing isn’t the worst part… we get to watch the Jackass step on his dick every time he opens his mouth!

  5. Greasier than a New York used car salesman from One of the Shit-Hole Countries.

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  7. Not surprising to see the Jeffrey Epstein payments recipient (all 1990s) Charles Big Tears Schumer lurking about with that chronic loser Dummyboard Biden.

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