Ringo Starr on Election Results

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  1. Ringo always was the Beatle who had his feet planted on solid ground. Paul McCartney continues to demonstrate that he always was an jerk.

  2. The first time I saw “Up All Night” by The Boomtown Rats on MTV I went, “What the fuck is this shit?” Geldof sucked Boomtown Rats ass then and he sucks Boomtown Rats ass even harder now. Don’t believe me? Here. This track is the music equivalent of wiping your ass with your own mouth after a cholera attack. How’d this asshole evolve to the point where he thought anyone would give a flicked booger about his political opinion? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H_QRL3t9qyc

    GO RINGO!!!

  3. it’s not surprising ringo has his head on straight.

    as far as I am concerned him and george were the most talented beatles.

    the solo work of the other two is pretty bad.

  4. Read the comments made by people on his tweet. It’s pitchforks and torches time for Ringo for going off the reservation. I’m especially amused by those that demand Scotish seperation should Brexit continue as if Scots leaving would be a bad thing for Britain. It wouldn’t be bad for Britain but it would be for the Scots. The EU has already stated that should the Scots leave that membership for them in the EU would not be on the table. It would be years before they stood a chance of getting in. That would just be the beginning of the hardships.

  5. I’ve always though well of Richard Starkey. He’s level-headed and seems to have enjoyed having fun with his life and his time with the Beatles, one of those famous people who don’t take themselves too seriously. I’m no expert on the man, but the only serious mistake he’s made that I’m aware of is changing his name to Ringo Starr, which I find somewhat cringe-worthy.


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