Riot Police Storm Hong Kong Airport as Protesters Tie Up Suspected Undercover Communists


Chaos erupted in Hong Kong International Airport late Tuesday as riot police barrelled through the masses of hundreds of protesters demanding freedom from China.

CNN International reported, following the police operation that reporters witnessed at least four arrests and that officers appeared to be targeting specific people. To get through the protesters, police used pepper spray and batons to push back the crowd. According to an official statement from Hong Kong police, airport officials requested that the riot officers enter the airport to rescue a man who protesters had apprehended and accused of being an undercover police officer. The South China Morning Post also reported that the airport received a court injunction requesting police remove the protesters from the premises, though Hong Kong police did not issue an official statement to that effect and officers left without clearing out every protester.

Pro-democracy protesters shut down the airport Tuesday for the second day in a row, forcing administrators to cancel all flights, in a bid to get the China-controlled Hong Kong government to listen to their demands. Some protesters appeared to panic and target others suspected of working for the communist government after officials admitted this weekend that officers had dressed up as protesters to infiltrate the marches.

Protesters have firmly listed five demands intended to make Hong Kong’s governance more democratic and free from Chinese Communist Party influence.
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  1. The Communist Chink Party is desperate to cling to power. Their system of Industrial Serfdom has created a corrupt monster where of the top 2,000 richest people in Communist Chinkland, 1,960 are either top Communist Party cadres or their children. That’s 98%. Ninety Eight percent CORRUPTION.

    It’s the same old Socialist scam we’ve seen in every single country that Socialism has been tried:communist Russia, communist China, national socialist Germany, fascist Italy, communist Yugoslavia, communist Cuba, national socialist Venezuela, national socialist Argentina, fascist Mexico, communist Nicaragua, communist South Africa, communist Rhodesia, communist Chile, communist Vietnam and Progressive socialist America (Soros, Bezos, Buffet, Mark Cuban, Steyer, Epstein, Jack Dorsey, Schmuckerberg, Gates, Paul Allen, ETC) – every single one of these socialist systems and people CORRUPT


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