RIP George H.W. Bush

My mother always told me if I had nothing good to say to not say anything at all.



[…] He passed away at 10:10 p.m. Central time, according to his spokesman Jim McGrath, who said funeral arrangements “will be announced as soon as is practical.” Bush was in failing health in recent years but was able to parachute on his 90th birthday. In the last week of his life, he was visited by former President Barack Obama, with whom he had developed warm relations.

A statement released from his office read: “George Herbert Walker Bush, World War II naval aviator, Texas oil pioneer, and 41st President of the United States of America, died on November 30, 2018. He was 94 and is survived by his five children and their spouses, 17 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and two siblings. He was preceded in death by his wife of 73 years; his second child Pauline Robinson ‘Robin’ Bush; and his brothers Prescott and William or ‘Bucky’ Bush.” Barbara Bush died in April at age 92.  more here

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  1. Vietvet
    You’re a pretty classy guy. Better than Me. I’ll do do the same tonight and salute the WWII Warrior.

  2. “If I had nothing good to say to not say anything at all.”

    I always interpreted that to mean; if I could say something ‘good’ about that person, I was allowed to say something bad as well.

  3. …great, another corpse for the dems and traitor republicans to hide behind while they take shots at our President.

    I’d like to say, at least we have ONE less enemy tonight, but he’s a reliable Democrat vote for all eternity now.

    Like he wasn’t before.

    Well, bye, Mr. CIA. Better hurry to Satan’s side now so you can claim those traitor’s wages he promised you. But I suspect you’re going to find out that HIS oath to YOU is every BIT as good as the one YOU pledged to US.

    Good luck with that, and may your beloved Hillary join you soon…

  4. Hero to zero in one lifetime.

    He’s only an older version of McCain in my book.

    I think his legacy is going to prove much more differently that everyone thinks.

  5. What do you think Trumps thinking right now? I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s something like “Oh Fuck”

  6. Brad, I’m curious, why would he care more than just salute a former president? Not doubting you, but not following you either. Hell, GHWB is as deep state as it gets.

  7. Joe, here’s my feeling on this. GH’s retarded son just hosted Barry in some fucking retarded looking over sized chair at some institute to take credit for Trumps economy. Really? GW keeps his mouth shut for 8 years while Obamy blamed him for everything from hemorrhoids to global warming. Now they’re pals. Are you fing kidding me? It’s NWO shit. And I’m sure Barry has a talented tongue. This shits ridiculous.

  8. Can I have Kennebunkport now?….I promise to take care of it….I think it was a graduation present or something…..

  9. Do you think he left instructions that say President Trump isn’t allowed to attend his funeral, like McCain did?

    The last time SNL did funny presidential humor was Dana Carvey’s impression of Bush Sr. He was a WWII vet which I can’t ignore. Why he ignored Reagan’s legacy I’ll never understand. Sadly, he was the original NeverTrumper.

  10. Illustr8r
    It’s another trap. Right up to death. Who else will be speaking there? Hostile territory. Trump should bow out stating political differences and not wanting to upset the rest of the LIBTARD GLOBALISTS. Let them have their Globalist Day. Our day is coming.

  11. I, “bad man” that I am, note with undiminished sentiment, that MILLIONS of other men and women served, sacrificed and, in too many cases, died in WW2 without being touted as a great savior and servant of the USA. I am grateful for his service but no more so than for all the other millions who served – and continue to serve today. Was his service somehow special because he was a Yalie and/or Prescott Bush’s son? C’mon!

  12. So the grandfather of an anonymous guy shook Babe Ruth’s hand. I’d like to say how meaningful that is but I don’t know where to start.

  13. GW,

    Thanks for serving in WW2.

    But, you blew the presidency handed to you by Ronald Reagan (in just one term), and gave us david souter and bill clinton. Your son also sucked as a president and gave us John Roberts, karl rove and ultimately, obama. (There appears to be a trend here.)

  14. He was a good man, a veteran fighter pilot, but he caved to the liberals. like they all did. Except Trump.
    Rest in Peace Mr. President. You did your duty as well as you could under the circumstances.
    The forth “Chamber” of government, the media, has to be set straight.
    They are not giving the American people the truth.
    Google “The Clinton Chronicles.” See what “We the people” are up against.

  15. Notice how he developed “warm relationships” with both democrat ex presidents? I never heard of anyone on our side of the isle being mentioned.
    Two of the sleaziest pukes to soil the White House in the last few decades and he was all cuddly with them.
    That says it all about where he was politically and personally. That goes for his sons too. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  16. Thank you for your WWII service and rest in peace. Now let the rewriting of History begin. Not a fan of any of the Bush family.
    Were I to watch, which I won’t, the marathon coverage of his funeral services, I wonder how many times Obama will say “I” or “Me” and try to make himself the center of attention.

  17. “In the last week of his life, he was visited by former President Barack Obama, with whom he had developed warm relations.”

    That’s all you need to know right there.

  18. Well, there’s a little bit of our tax dollars saved.

    Deaths runs in 3’s, maybe RBG will be next along side of another liberal.

  19. READ MY LIPS, he was the worst decision Reagan made. He was a prog, like his dad and sons, and really wanted a new world order, like Ozero. Just waiting for Soros to join him in hell.

  20. With any luck Jeb! will throw himself on the funeral pyre because . . .”love”.

    The service will feature a mariachi band no doubt.

  21. “I’ll be inconsolable for 10 … 15 minutes …”

    He subscribed to “managed decline” as most Europeans do.
    Perceived the World as a dystopian pessimistic nightmare – which is really a shame. Maybe he just saw too much of the seedy side. Maybe he didn’t possess that shaft of light in the soul that allows FAITH. I don’t know – that “kinder and gentler” bullshit rubbed me wrong.

    izlamo delenda est …

  22. I’m still trying to read his globalist lips.

    There was something very un-American about the man. The only way I can express it is inventing something he might say:

    “I’m smart, and you’re not.”

    He reminded me of the TV show, “Father Knows Best,” which I hated. Never trusted him.

  23. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, we should never denigrate fellow Republicans.
    I pissed on LBJ’s grave in Texas, will piss on Carter’s grave in Georgia when he eats the sod, but never a fellow Republican’s.

  24. Say what you will about GHWB and GWB, they both were the better choice during those elections.
    I had a postcard photo of the Bush family (from wife’s grandparents collection) from when GHWB was President. It showed a very close family.
    Compare that to Clinton (not his real name) or the Kenyan. Clinton took the name of one of his mom’s husbands.
    Even if you believe the fake birth certificate, Barry had no such family. He was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis (most likely real father) then adopted by and raised by Indonesian stepfather, etc. what pictures we do have we’re photosh about as bad ad the birth certificate.

  25. Thank you Jordan Sather!

    3h3 hours ago
    “Have some respect for George H.W. Bush!” For what? Respect is earned, not deserved. I have no respect for things like: – CIA drug trafficking – Pedophile sex rings – Assassinating presidents Want me to mourn your death? Do something good for humanity.

  26. Huh. Lots of disrespect for our former president. Unseemly.

    I don’t recall him abusing his office or disgracing the nation. I certainly didn’t agree with him on much but see no need to denigrate him or ourselves by doing so.

    That’s my only point. We sully ourselves, not some dead guy.

  27. Respect for his military service.
    Respect for The Office of The Presidency and his duly elected time in office.
    No respect for his Deep State efforts to marginalize The United States of America and undermine the founding of our nation.

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