RIP Ron Popeil

Ron Popeil Dies: Infomercial Pioneer, Pocket Fisherman Pitchman Was 86

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  1. MJA, I had ALL the RONCO shit.
    I actually caught fish with the Pocket Fisherman.
    Great for just off a dock, fishing the pylons.
    It really was quality stuff believe it or not!

    This was WAY before the internet, HGTV, etc.

    Everything advertised “as seen on TV”

    Good times!

  2. Spray can of Rustoleum with Popeil label, for that “natural” non bald look.
    ‘Ol Ron could make you laugh. RIP.

  3. Only 86? That would mean he was only in his early 30’s when he came up with most of his ideas and commercialized them. Not bad!

  4. How many Popeil products were purchased as gifts but never used. I remember my uncle receiving one for a birthday gift and I doubt he had ever fished once his entire life.

  5. Maybe I should’ve used GLH on my bald head years ago and I would have a great looking full head of hair. Yeah sure, baloney and it sold for only $39.92. Ron Popeil sure made a fortune selling suckers shit that they really didn’t need. He was the ultimate huckster outside of being a politician.

  6. Those who remember him are so old we forget how annoying he could be. But now YOU can RIP for just $19.99 plus shipping and handling!


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