“Rise” – The Most Liberal Show On Television Just Got Cancelled

Daily Caller: NBC has officially canceled its drama “Rise,” and critics of the show’s endless parade of liberal talking points are celebrating its demise.

“‘Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.’ This famous quote attributed to Dr. Seuss applies to many things in life, but NBC’s high school drama Rise is not one of them,” wrote MRC’s Dawn Slusher. “If anything, we should cry because it happened, and smile now that it is finally over. Unlike the show’s title Rise, every episode in this debut season continued to sink to new lows, so we can also smile over the news that the curtain has been lowered for good on the series.”  more here

13 Comments on “Rise” – The Most Liberal Show On Television Just Got Cancelled

  1. Hallelujah!

    Here! Have a “Publix Chocolate Chip Muffin” courtesy of David “Attention Whore” Hogg!

  2. LOL, my daughter was a Drama Queen in HS, this show brought back so many uncomfortable memories.
    I will say one thing, it was pretty accurate, accurate as in a Sling Blade sort of way.
    Got any yeller mustard?

  3. so …. there was a show on NBC called ‘Rise’ & now it’s cancelled ….

    if a tree falls in a forest … 🙄

  4. I can walk the Custer battlefield, cross the Little Bighorn, wander thru the grounds where the Sioux etc. were camped, trace the footsteps of the soldiers where they retreated to the hill where they met their demise…and have that space to myself. Yet, getting into a worthless Hollywood event would be challenging.

    Think about that.

    We have become dumb, dumber, dumbest.

  5. “Rise” couldn’t attract an audience?
    But wait, the Left is 95% of the country!
    And the dwindling dumb redneck uneducated bitter-clinger Deplorables are doomed to extinction.
    The MSM and Dems tell us this constantly.

    The same MSM whose total combined viewership can never “Rise” above 2% of the country.

  6. Most of these leftist leaning network shows are on life support; “American Idol” (had a tranny contestant, btw), can’t stand “Modern Family”, “Will and Grace”, ugh!, “The Good Place” – more like a Hellish place, “Superior Donuts” – SJW gone stupider. Just some of the top offenders.
    A show fairly conservative and Christian themed, especially in early episodes, is “Seal Team”, CBS – worth watching.


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