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Rising Star on The Left with Deceptive Progressive Message

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The progressive Left movement has a new shining star. Her name is Mallory McMorrow, a young Democrat Michigan State Senator, whose fiery speech earlier this spring on the floor of the State Senate chamber denouncing conservative Republicans has gone viral. She is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame with interviews on liberal media broadcast outlets, a personal call from President Biden praising her speech, and a New Yorker article calling Ms. McMorrow a “role model for the midterms.” More

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  1. They ALWAYS forget to announce the fact they’re all associated with the Ku Klux Klan, as is Joe Biden and his very long associations to date with the sinister cult. All documented, filmed, and archived. The internet never sleeps nor takes short naps.

  2. variation of the Jedi mind trick
    “…she declared that “I am the biggest threat to your hollow, hateful scheme.”
    No, she’s not, even if she herself so declares. She’s just a socialist/progressive pig that is the current one getting the lipstick.

  3. When a conservative gives a fiery speech they become a target.

    When a progressive gives a fiery speech they become a shining star.

    We’d better figure out very soon how to reverse that.

  4. As Shakespeare has told us, “The Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.” The McMorrow woman is no Christian of the sort I recognize. She’s just another Leftist who uses a pretense of outrage to gain publicity.

  5. “This content is reserved exclusively for Times subscribers.” No thanks can’t even wrap fish with the online edition.

  6. Didn’t the FBI plot to have her kidnapped for ratings. Now remember, all the money you donate to United Methodist Church goes right to helping boys and girls with cleft palates in BiAfra

  7. Wait, so this new sensation of the Left has a message that the Dems should bottle? And that wonderful clever message is…Republicans hate marginalized people? Sounds like the same message for the last 30 years. Nothing new to see here

  8. NYT: “Democrats with a cogent example of how best to respond to the GOP’s cultural warfare.”

    The cultural war is being waged by the liberals who support perversion and globalism, the elimination of whole classes of people, and drastic changes in our way of life due to environmentalism.

    She can fool the dumbest of democrats, but nobody else.

  9. It’s a fairly new tactic. Profess to be conservative or republican, get elected and proceed to institute a progressive agenda. Never trust a demoncrat that says they’re religious. Their religion is power and evil.

  10. A pasty, ginger, AWFL standard-bearer who’ll look like Jen Psaki in a couple of years. Sure thing Democrats. But guess you know your own base.

  11. She claims to be ‘religious’ kind of like Jim Jones.
    Mr Jones had them eating out of his hand, well, until the Kool-Aid

  12. Not clicking a link, but asking is she a Christian caucasian? Or she jus be appropriatin’ mah cultchah??

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