Rittenhouse Assailant Known As”Jump-Kick Man” May Have Been Identified


Dan O’Donnell is a conservative radio host at 1130 WISN in Milwaukee. Today, Dan reported that he had identified the person known has “Jump-Kick Man” in the Rittenhouse trial.

In case you haven’t been watching the trial obsessively, after Rittenhouse shot Joseph Rosenbaum he began running down the street toward the police where he planned to turn himself in. But he was chased by a mob of people, some of whom attacked him.

After being hit in the head with concrete and having a skateboard swung at him by Anthony Huber, Rittenhouse fell in the street and while he was down a man jumped over him and kicked him in the face. More

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  1. Who’s to say this person wasn’t protecting themselves, he has no known weapon, yet Kyle fired off 2 rounds at him but missed. Was this before or after the head kick. Kill an un-armed person, you’ll most likely end up behind bars. Looks like attempted murder to me.

  2. The prosecutors missed an opportunity to reinforce the accusation of racism. I think this trial was a setup for a mistrial and the inevitable federal trial. If Rittenhouse is acquitted or otherwise released,there will likely be agents waiting at the courtroom doors to take him into federal custody. We must be made to feel powerless and unprotected. Resistance is futile. Of course, the scheduled riots will happen as planned — regardless of the outcome.

  3. The kicker wimped out, 2 shots fired, SO WHAT. If this shooter is set free, all hell will break out, forget about any holiday.

  4. Hey Anonymous
    The shit is gonna hit the fan eventually. Let’s get it over with ASAP.
    If it does I’ll be looking for you.

  5. Oh bullsh**!
    Name the guy or don’t mention you know who he is.
    Dan sounds like a middle school girl.
    “I know a secret but I’m not gonna tell you”

  6. I’d be more surprised if they found one of the “peaceful protesters” who didn’t have an extensive criminal background.

  7. Make riot guns great again, they are safe and effective, well at least for the police.
    Riot shotguns stop riots cold.

  8. When the riots start because of a not guilty verdict someone go to anonymous’ house and drive him to the riots. Dress him in a MAGA hat and wrap him in a flag and dump him in the middle of it. He’d be praying for an AR.

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