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Robert Davi To Direct, “My Son Hunter”

Daily Wire

The U.K. Daily Mail revealed in an exclusive report Tuesday that veteran actor Robert Davi is set to direct a film about Hunter Biden’s partying, addiction, and corrupt business dealings.

Davi, who made his name in such films James Bond’s “License to Kill” and “Die Hard,” told the outlet “My Son Hunter” will be “tasteful, fair and factual,” and he hopes the end result is similar to Hollywood’s most successful cautionary tales like “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Blow,” and “American Hustle.” More

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  1. What rating will it be? Not a in a ROTTEN tomatoes way…

    The other ones…G, PG, R, X…and so on.

    Cross out the first three.

    AKA…Hunter Bidens ‘Home Movies’…


  2. Why can’t we just watch the laptop videos?

    Dump all the stuff. Everywhere.

    This slow trickle really does not get noticed.


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