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Jihad Watch- Robert Spencer Sickened By Doctored Drink In Iceland


While dining after an appearance in Reykjavik, Robert Spencer fell ill and was taken to a local hospital. After talking with the police, a suspect was identified who slipped something into his drink at the restaurant.

Spencer’s account and statement holding the press accountable for inciting attacks on opponents Here

A local Reykjavik paper claims it was Ecstasy and down played the incident, while calling Spencer an “Islamophobe” in the headline, Here

20 Comments on Jihad Watch- Robert Spencer Sickened By Doctored Drink In Iceland

  1. Spencer is one tough hombre.

    More courage than all his Leftist opponents and paid dhimmi detractors put together.

    This entire planet owes him a great debt for his service to truth and human rights.

    Islam must be eradicated.

  2. Well Iceland is off my list of places to visit. Ok, to be honest it never was on it. The cuisine is crap, the people don’t seem that bright and anyone that has chosen to live in a live volcanic field where there seems to be more dark then light are probably not people I’d want to have a pint with. I didn’t know how completely gone over to the left they’ve become though. Maybe it was during the go-go financial period before the 2007 meltdown when Icelanders figured they were great financial genius’s and managed to bankrupt UK banks and thousands of individuals that invested in their equity funds and other investments that disappeared under all that ice without a trace. Turns out that most of the financial big boys couldn’t run a paper route and didn’t really understand finance but to be fair a hell of a lot of ours suffered under the same delusion or were crooks. Glad Mr. Spencer is well and it will be interesting to see what the Icelandic legal system does with his assailant.

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    I’m not yelling at you guys, but seriously. It costs money to keep this site running. No ads? No donations? No site. It’s that simple.

  5. Iceland is a beautiful country (I’ve only seen pictures and TV shows). My Dad spent a year there on TDY back in the 50s.

    I use Opera and have no trouble with ads, whatsoever.
    Don’t know if it’s the Opera or the fact that I have some kind of protective software (against viruses and malware).

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Fuck Iceland’s Leftists

    All that place is good for is making outrageously overpriced fuzzy wool sweaters. Wear one of those damned things and you look like a fucking caterpillar. A fuzzy caterpillar.

  7. Thanks BFH. It appears I wasn’t the only one having trouble navigating your site with the ads. And when I can’t view my favorite blog, my temper starts to flare up like a pack of hemorrhoids. Sorry, that was a Jerky Boy reference there. Carry on.

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