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Rooftop Solar Panels Ending Up in California Landfills

LA Times

California has been a pioneer in pushing for rooftop solar power, building up the largest solar market in the U.S. More than 20 years and 1.3 million rooftops later, the bill is coming due. More

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  1. Not only solar panels end up at the landfill, so does green energy windmill blades! Thousands and thousands of them….so much for green energy. Nothing is green and nothing is for free.

    GreenEnergy & Science
    Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills

    It reminds me of people who believe they’re doing the right thing for society by going solar, and just like the jab, if the government is behind it, you better run from it.

  2. Besides the landfills full of this toxic solar panel trash, I am disgusted by the thousands of birds killed every year by solar panels frying them as well as windmills chopping them up. In particular the raptors, who kill vermin, are being killed. I guess the leftists are okay with sacrificing them in the name of “green energy”.

  3. Article says the vast majority of the panels that do get recycled are from CA which BTW doesn’t allow them to be recycled in their fucking precious state because of the toxic metals & components. So they have to be shipped to a facility in AZ.

    Good grief, this green crap is a load of bullshit. We’re sitting on the world’s largest deposit of fossil fuels and we could start a nuclear program building smaller generating plants that would be cookie cutters. in essence we could “throw” them up across the country.

    Fracking produced a world record in natural gas. We had so much of it, we built trillion dollar facilities to export it. WTF happened?

    DeSantis isn’t paying any lip service to climate change. We actually have leaders that would be fine with what’s going down in the Netherlands, reducing the #2 food producer IN THE WORLD by confiscating their farms and depriving them of fertilizer to reduce nitrogen.

    Every breath you take is 78% nitrogen. The people that buy into windmills & reducing nitrogen are out of their GD minds. Why we give them the time of day is a mystery. Every bit of this shit is needless.

  4. In the past 10 years there has been a big jump in solar panel and battery technology. The current generation of solar panel has a 30+ year lifespan producing at 80% original capacity with less surface area than 15 years ago. Lithium batteries may cost more but they are lasting 3 times what lead acid and twice what ni-cad does at not much more than what ni-cad cost. In 2010 the break even point on a “off the grid” system was 16-18 years with full replacement again when the system was 25 to 28 years old with 3 to 5 full battery replacements. Today the break even point is 10-11 years with a full replacement at 30+ years with one full battery replacement.


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