Biden Democrats hurl eggs at small children at Trump rally

How can we expect Biden’s followers to leave little kids alone when their leader won’t, either?

American Thinker:

No, it’s not Portland…

Out in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, small children seem to be special targets for assault. more

h/t Systematically Confused.

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  1. Hmm…winning our hearts and minds to the marxist cause of BLM and the socialist Democrats.

    Never forget that they are the party that defends the murder of unborn babies because they are that selfish. Democrats are the party that celebrates every sexual depravity and perversion. So, obviously they will act like this towards kids because they are that immoral. Repent! Turn your life over to Christ, you vile sinners.

  2. The more they continue to pull stupid stunts like egging of innocent children just means all the more likely a larger Trump victory on Election day. Keep it up democraps, you’re just proving how much we hate your guts. Can we egg your children? Probably not, if you even have children or just use them as a prop to get what you want.

  3. Nothing they do shocks me any longer. They are human in appearance but as different from normal people as gravel is to plants.
    Some may calm down as they age and function in society, but I doubt they’ll ever be able to think rationally, only mask the rage until something else sets them off.
    It would be an act of kindness to put them out of their misery.

  4. Their hatred of purity, decency, and innocence is obvious in all they do.
    From egging helpless children to infanticide to depraved child-sex.
    Lust and power are their only inducements.
    Destruction and besmirchment (?) their tools.

    How long do we suffer their existence?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I used to be able to be friends with liberals as long as we didn’t talk politics.

    ’16 changed all that.

    Now i don’t want anything to do with any liberals.

    Why would anyone want to be associated with any of them?

  6. Doing their master’s bidding. I’m sure the 1930’s Nazi’s
    would be right there with them. America is going to have
    to deal with this spawning evil.

  7. Speaking of taking the high road Bill Haley and his Comets have a rocking Scottish influenced version of Take the high road on their album Rocking the joint from 1958 called Loch Lemond. I love Bill Haley’s music and this song is totally obscure and never got much if any airplay but it is a great oldies rock and roll song. I first heard it on the Rockabilly Roadshow on Sirius/XM’s 50’s channel on a Saturday night a few years ago. I wish they would still play the Rockabilly Roadshow but it’s been gone for a while now. I love rockabilly music, they played a lot of great and obscure very good rockabilly songs from all over the country.

  8. The mask is off and what America is seeing isn’t pretty. They are just validating everything I have been saying about their descent into a sub human state.

  9. …well, they don’t want to pick on MEN, because they’ll get their ASSES kicked.

    …although it seems like some men should have stepped up and done just that anyway.

    …and what’s with the MOM? Were it MY wife, the egg-thrower would be too busy trying to swallow his testicles back down after a good solid TaeKwonDo front kick, and so no further egging would have been possible, she’s a lioness, that one, and she CARRIES, too…

  10. “Children. As targets.”

    …yep, Democrats LOVE children.

    As targets, yes, but also as hostages, as political footballs, as excuses, as indoctrinees, for sniffing, for baca bazi dancers (Muslims, they say it’s not gay as long as the boy doesn’t have body hair), as sex objects for them to rape, as sexual rewards for those who do their bidding, as a source of omerta (the whole point behind Epstein’s Island), as soft-porn actors on Netflix, as human shields, and the itty bitty ones are murdered and sold for parts so they can buy really nice cars.

    Also, getting an abortion is a rule of passage in some Democrat circles, and that’d be pretty hard to do without a child. And there’s a whole sex fetish out there now where Democrats INTENTIONALLY get pregnant and go near term just for the thrill of aborting a baby they can identify the sex of after they kill it, some say it makes the sex a WHOLE lot better for them, yes, they are THAT sick…

    …so yeah, Democrats LOVE them some children!

    …and they can’t WAIT to get ahold of YOURS…

  11. Some humans ain’t human. However, the silver lining to this despicable act is it’s a clear lesson that freedom and a civil society is what’s at stake and it must be fought for to preserve it.


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