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State of Danger

As part of the 2024 Best States rankings, U.S. News factored in both the violent crime rate and property crime rate in each state to determine how well they foster public safety, which informs the best states for crime and corrections rankings and the overall Best States rankings.

Places at the bottom of the public safety ranking form this list of the country’s most dangerous states. More

This all makes sense if you remember how many state law enforcement agencies aren’t reporting their crime statistics. Here

Also, why the FBI isn’t receiving crime data from a number of large police agencies. Here

8 Comments on State of Danger

  1. Police agencies being paid to protect people who refuse to tell those people how much crime there is ought to be guilty of a crime. Fraud, if nothing more specific.

  2. So, IL isn’t reporting crimes.
    We all know Chicago is a shooting gallery every weekend.
    No mention of DC.
    NY isn’t reporting either. NYC is in the news all the time.
    Alao seems they aren’t counting the “mostly peaceful” riots.

    Just like many pollsters, they can make the numbers say what they want.

  3. I get better local news from foreign news organizations.

    It always amazes me to hear about a defensive gun use, stopping a crime that happened 15 miles from me, in an English paper.

    A local rag prints it but it goes nowhere here because the big networks don’t want that good news out there.

  4. I would live in only one of the top ten states they listed. I have a condo there and I know I cannot afford my standard of living there. I live in a small town in the leading agricultural area in the South East.

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