Roughly 13 Percent of Wisconsinites Have an OWI Conviction – IOTW Report

Roughly 13 Percent of Wisconsinites Have an OWI Conviction


According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, more than 778,000 Wisconsinites have been convicted of operating while intoxicated at least once.

With nearly 580,000 people, Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, yet the number of Wisconsinites with at least one OWI conviction is higher than the city’s entire population. Drink Up

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  1. If you spent anytime in Wisconsin you would believe it. Hell, it used to be a misdemeanor, might still be for all I know. What I do know is that I’ve had a damn good time drinking in Wisconsin. That was years ago.

  2. Repeat drunk driving convictions should result in the revocation of the regular driver license, and issuing one that allows motorcycle riding only. Two problems addressed: fewer innocent people maimed and killed by drunks, and more organs for transplanting.

  3. I can attest to Joe6pak’s claim, especially southern Wis.

    13% is only the ones that have been caught. There were bars everywhere and so small it was like people were turning their spare home spaces into bars.

    On the other hand, I saw a lot of popular bands, I never would have seen in Dallas, in tiny venues. Like Styx in a Jr high gym with about 50 other people in the audience. Black Oak Arkansas in a roller rink.

  4. When Comedian Ron White made his first trip to Green Bay, he mentioned that when the venue driver picked him up at the airport at 7:00 AM, the drivers first comment was “Would you like to stop and get a drink”? White soon discovered that the driver wasn’t kidding. On stage, he opened up his act with saying “I enjoy a good stiff drink to get my act rolling…but you people are professionals”!

  5. You know you are in a small town in Wisconsin when the intersection on Main St. has a school, a bar and a church on it. The priorities are education, damnation and redemption all in one place.

  6. Generations of being ruled by people who’s qualifications (plural) are being really, really, askeert! Of thingys! Not “things”. That exist. “Thingys”. That askeert them.

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