From Cardiac Arrest. [TMZ]

John Nada (Roddy Piper) tries to have Frank Armitage (Keith David) put on some glasses to see the aliens hidden around him.

Maurice Mitchell

Best. Fight Scene. EVER! – h/t MJA

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  1. I think we need those glasses today. Thanks Cardigan, always loved this guy because he was not that athletically gifted but he was fun to watch.

  2. When I was a kid I truly hated him. When I became an adult, I realized I was supposed to hate him. He is a legend.

  3. He came here to kick ass an chew bubble gum.
    I guess He finally ran out of asses to kick here on earth
    Best fight scene since the Pie Fight in the Great Race
    Farewell you good Rowdy, you.

  4. WELL!?!?!?! Did he ever put the glasses on?

    Sorry, never watched this. Meant to lots of times. Guess I better watch it now.

  5. All jokes aside, his character is desparately needed in these days. It was a great movie, with deeper under-current in its’ message.

  6. The early days of wrestling with Rowdy and Mean Gene Okerlund hosting the events. My, my, where did the time go? RIP you entertaining bagpiper.

  7. I don’t know if Roddy realized it but the movie THEY LIVE is as important as the novels 1984, BRAVE NEW WORLD, and ATLAS SHRUGGED. It gets the message to the common man. Rest in peace Roddy.

  8. Adam Carrolla had Roddy on his podcast recently. It was a fun interview, for anyone interested in downloading it. He sounded like a cool guy. “They Live” is a classic! RIP RRP.

  9. Claudia, I went and watched the movie. Just finished it. Not really that bad considering when it was made and all.

    This scene is just the first half of the fight. After Frank throws the glasses off to the side, Rowdy goes after him again and another round of action ensues – including at least seven knee hits from Frank on Rowdy’s crotch.

    At the end of it Rowdy forces the glasses on Frank and he sees what he sees.

    The whole fight was a re-production of a ring match – suplexes and all. (A little bit self-aware I’m a nerd for knowing what a suplex is.) I kept thinking his career was exactly this – acting like he was fighting.

    Anyways, this scene is where the black guy joins him in the fight against the aliens.

    Personally, I’m sure I could have gotten him to try the glasses without trying to out-macho him, but then that would have been a really boring part of the movie.

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