Trump – A Documentary

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.05.43 PMIs this our next president?


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  1. The best thing about Trump (my opinion) is not the campaign but his message to all – stop being a pussy, get off your dead ass and get motivated.

    He is saying – I am worth 10B, have lost it and earned it back. I am driven, don’t sleep much, don’t waste my time sitting around focused on electronics, know how to cultivate profitable relationships, and take no prisoners. Screw you if you don’t like me, I will steamroll you on the way to more victories. 40-hr weeks are for pajama / mama boys!

    You can (AND SHOULD) do the same. GET OFF YOUR ASS and DO SOMETHING!!!!!

  2. I know for a fact that I will never be able to throw down a vote for Trump. The lamestream will never allow it. Sure I could write him in, but as a big fcuk you to the establishment cock chuggers, I’m putting my bet on Hillary at this point.

    Let’s light thus wick. 6+ years of media fawning over some false prophet.

    We are well overdue for a correction.

    Let Hillary take the fall, I want to see her blame it on Mr. affirmative action.

  3. I watched the whole thing. I worked on the Trump Towers many years ago. He’s a wheeler dealer. and a go getter.. and a tough taskmaster.

    I would like to have seen an expose like that on Obama seven years ago.

    But then again how could we ever see something like that?
    Obama never did anything!, ever!

    I’d vote for Trump on a heart beat if he is nominated.

  4. When Trump ran things everyone made money and spent it, and enjoyed life, and the economy boomed, and WHF?

    That’s what he is talking about. But what do I know?

  5. You know a lot Tommy. Because that’s what it’s all about. Little pink houses for you and me. Ain’t that America.

  6. That is utterly foolish.
    It reminds me of a young lady communist I – ahem – knew in College, who said she’d vote for Nixon to bring on the revolution.

    Voting for Hillary is that and no more.
    Giving. Her. Power.

    You think the media would “blame” HER if things fell apart under her Administration?

    Don’t do it; don’t be foolish.

  7. Watched the Documentary.

    Went over to YouTube, found That’s Life, by Frank Sinatra, turned the volume all the way up, and sang along with him ~

    What a ride this is gonna be ….

  8. Come on, this is a very dated and very biased hit piece that stops at 1990. A lot has happened in the last 25 years! Whole thing was written by a liberal titty-baby who now writes for Huffington Post. And the comments by the Palm Beach socialites priceless! Seeing Christopher Reeve whining reminded me how insufferable he was, accident or no accident. I personally want to see Cruz get the nomination, but I like what Donald is saying. He’s making the way for other candidates to follow in his wake.

  9. The intro tells you all you need to know about the dirt diggers “the 80’s, the decade of greed”. Also known as the time of the greatest job growth, improvement in the average worker’s standard of living and greatest tax cuts in decade – not to mention the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    All this correcting one of the worst economic collapses since the depression and embarrassment of the US by third world dictatorships.

    But the documentary doesn’t mention that.

    No need to watch beyond the first minute.

  10. He says that if he’s elected, Trey Gowdy will be his pick for AG.

    Wow. With Boom in the Room® on the job, people will go to jail for
    Fast and Furious (Rapido y Furioso), IRS Targeting of Conservatives, Corzine’s billion dollar theft, Solyndra, etc. Once he’s done with the F&F folks here, he’ll let Mexico have them, where they can be tried for up to 960 murders, not to mention gun-running.

    Yeah. Trump has more balls sitting against on leg than the whole GOP establishment does put together.

    Republicucks. That’s what we’ve become. Trump says what everyone has been waiting to hear but what the GOP mainstream were afraid to say out of fear of the MSM and the Chamber of Commerce.

  11. ‘cuz he’ll kick out 50-60 bad ones and give amnesty to 30 million illegals – and leave all the current America-hatin assholes in place and never secure the border – he’ll never have the guts to purge the new top brass of the military and leave bummers in place and never get the VA nor the military back from its current feminized condition – nor will he keep the chicoms from pillaging the western United States for all the ore and minerals they can lay claim to – again, because all the dems in both parties overspend the available revenue to buy votes from the stupid and or socialists.

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