Poetic Justice

A few days ago the media was plastering pictures of Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores crying on the field.

While at bat, the fans stood and gave him a standing O, which bewildered Flores, that is until he figured out what was going on. He realized he was probably traded and the fans were giving him a goodbye.

Flores couldn’t take it and broke down.

Well, that trade fell through that night. The guy the Mets were trading for, former Mets outfielder Carlos Gomez, didn’t satisfy the front offices inspection of his health records. (A hip issue.) So Wilmer Flores remained a Met.

How did tonight’s extra inning game between the 1st place Nationals and the second place Mets end?

You guessed it. Wilmer Flores won the game with a walk-off home run.

It would be corny in a Hollywood script, but it was perfect in real life.

6 Comments on Poetic Justice

  1. The Hiroshima Toyo carp sounds like the Japanese equivalent of the Toledo Mud Hens. And aren’t carps suckers and bottom feeders as well as being extremely ugly? And maybe one of the few things that survived Hiroshima being nuked in 1945 to end World War 2. Carp already looked like mutant fish before being nuked.

  2. It may have been corny and clicheic, but it put us two games behind the Nats! Let’s Go Mets! deGrom gets the start tonight, I do believe!

  3. Hey it could be worse, you could be a diehard Seattle Mariners fan like I am. This is another lost year, so what else is new. And for Cubbies, Red Sox and Dodger fans it’s more of the same. The Bums AKA the Dodgers will find a way to choke and lose to the Giants or the Cardinals again this year in the playoffs. And I hate the Yankees especially A-Fraud.

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