Rubio Renews Push to Investigate Whether John Kerry Violated Logan Act


Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr on Monday asking him to look into whether former secretary of state John Kerry violated the Logan Act or Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) with his interactions with Iranian officials in relation to the Iran nuclear deal.

“The American people deserve to know that U.S. laws are enforced regardless of any individual’s past position,” Rubio states. “The Department of Justice should, therefore, make a determination on whether or not former Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s recent actions related to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran potentially violate the Logan Act or the Foreign Agents Registration Act.” more here

15 Comments on Rubio Renews Push to Investigate Whether John Kerry Violated Logan Act

  1. While I am most definitely NOT a Little Marco fan, he does get something right from time to time. This is one of those times.

    I hope this will be interesting – meaning painful for Horse Head. It will be hard for an ex-Secy of State to claim ignorance of this specific law. In the extremely unlikely event he’s indicted, tried, and convicted, I’d like to see him sentenced to deportation to Vietnam.



  3. Should probably institute a Congressional Investigation. We do that a lot these days.

    Takes the place of law enforcement, criminal indictments, prosecution. All that old fashioned shit we don’t do to government folks, ‘yanno.

    Suck it up bitches. Criminal law only applies to the plebes. This means you.

  4. Oh, great another investigation. Where are we going to be lead off to this time? Goose Chase Monkey Island??

  5. Will we ever know what’s in John effin Kerry’s DD 214? And was he violating the Logan Act when he was shilling for the N. Vietnamese commies when he was still a Reserve Naval Officer in 1972 & 73 at the Paris Peace Accords to end the Vietnam War? If he was he should be tried for treason, he’s always been an elite snob in my book thinking that he’s better than the rest of us plebes.

  6. Ever the optimist, could it be possible this is just the warm-up act, the softening up of, the getting used to the idea — for another Secretary of State?

  7. I guess the rule for the Logan Act is: Only prosecute laughably obvious bullshit violations of the Logan Act and stay away from egregious violations like Kerry’s

  8. Calling out the Logan Act by the President was very strategic.

    Puts everyone, including Mash Potato Face, on notice.

    Please keep tweeting Donald. He is not tweeting away as president he is tweeting in a way as an individual.

    Fire away.

  9. WELL, If I know Washington, a lot of smoke, but no fire. –Ever.

    John Kerry will never be punished, neither will Hillary, nor Eric Holder for also being in contempt of Congress.

    That’s the way it is folks. Take a mental note from now on until the end of your life and see if ANY politician is every really punished.

    James Trafficant went to jail, Larry “toe tapping” Craig merely resigned, Al Franken resigned. The other 99% of the criminals generally are not investigated at all.

  10. Ketchup Kerry is one of the protected richy-rich elites that is STILL connected to the grubbermint therefore NOTHING will happen to him.

    Even with killary suffering 3 years outside grubbermint protection is still unarrestable so ketchup boy has nothing to worry about.

    Now if his “boy” oblowme takes a fall then all bets are off, but until then most of the deepstate will remain untouchable.

  11. This pompous asshole is a complete fraud a burr in this nations saddle for decades. If not a stiff prison term at least there may be hope that he’ll be exposed for the scum he’s always been.

  12. What more investigation is needed to determine whether he did something he did openly for all to see? The only question here is whether he’ll be held to account for it.


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