Brain dead leftists deny science?

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  1. I don’t know how she does it. I think all those pinheads require abortions.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Someday in the (hopefully far) future, when this woman is lying on her deathbed, do you suppose she will be thinking, “Gee, I wish I had spent more time arguing with uninterested strangers on the street”?

  3. Can’t figure why are these butt-ugly women are protesting something they will never experience? Voluntarily, anyway….

  4. “Brain dead leftists deny science?”

    That’s because their idea of science has been severely altered.

  5. Of course.

    So do atheists. Which, odds are, and is an excellent bet, so are they.

    Among many other impossible things, atheists think the universe started from nothing with no cause. Quite unscientific.

    These people deny humans are what pregnant women are pregnant with.

    When the egg and sperm combine, it has a unique genetic code that doesn’t exist anywhere else now or before.

    It is an individual from that very moment.

    You are killing an individual person in the making, not just a “clump of cells”.

  6. As Ray Comfort and others often say, it’s not that this person will see the light, it’s the people watching and listening that will be reached.

    Even if not one of these uninterested persons see the light, the lesson, illustration, effort, and stand will be witnessed by many and hopefully gain the strength to stand up for life in its most vulnerable stage.

  7. I really want to touch the hair of the woman on the left of that picture above. Is that lovely or what?

  8. There are only two ways to change someone else
    By Force
    By example
    Arguing with someone who’s identity revolves around their political stance is pissing in the wind. They do not recognize any other view as valid. They view them as criminal.

  9. Just curious BFH – you are showing an AJ video – and I thought you were not a fan of his work?

  10. They are not brain dead – they are corrupted, and dont want the pathetic ‘deal’ they’ve had since childhood to vanish.

  11. I cannot deny the good work of people who happen to work for someone I dislike.

    PJWatson, same thing.

    Ryan Saavedra on The Daily Wire.

  12. I always wondered why someone as talented as Paul Joseph Watson was working with this scheme I really like Paul, but his anchor was always a problem for me.


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