Russia Admits Launch Failure Included Nuclear Reactor Explosion

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Russia confirmed that last week’s explosion involved a nuclear reactor during a failed missile test at a site just 250 miles from Moscow.

Five nuclear scientists were killed during the Aug. 8 explosion, which occurred during the launch of a missile that involved a small nuclear reactor, according to a report by Bloomberg on Monday.

Russia’s state-run nuclear agency Rosatom had confirmed Saturday that the explosion killed several of its employees in a test of an “isotope power source in a liquid propulsion system.”  More

The Russians have ordered the evacuation of the nearby village Nenoska, after this latest disaster. So you know it must be pretty bad. More

10 Comments on Russia Admits Launch Failure Included Nuclear Reactor Explosion

  1. Russian nuclear scientist, just before the incident, was heard to say:
    “Hold my vodka and watch this!”

  2. I’m thinking it was probably that super long range cruise missile thing the Russians have claimed can bomb us and can’t be defended against.

    It isn’t going to defeat us if they can’t even make it fly because it blows up instead of flying.

    In any event, a nuclear powered missile of any kind is not the best of ideas.

  3. Hmm Reading more gave no more insight than what is here already. Disappointing. How a nuclear reactor is involved directly in a missile launch is intriguing to me. Something to learn here.

  4. My wife’s hometown is a nuclear wasteland. It is downwind from Semipalatinsk where the USSR tested their nuclear weapons. More nuclear devices were tested there than any other place on earth. Google “Ust-Kamenogorsk nuclear contamination” to read the sad truth about what has gone on there. It is said by scientists to be four times worse than Chernobyl. My wife seems fine despite living her life there until age 38. On the up side, we save money on night lights because she glows a little bit.


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