Russia Drops “Father of All Bombs” on ISIS

It reportedly weighs ‘just 15,560lbs and is packed with the equivalent to 44 tons of explosive TNT’, giving it roughly four times the yield of America’s massive ordinance air blast weapon (MOAB) or Mother Of All Bombs. The Russian version is being called the Father Of All Bombs and there are those claiming that it was used last week in Syria against an ISIS target.



18 Comments on Russia Drops “Father of All Bombs” on ISIS

  1. Oh, shit.

    Bashir Assad will get the blame … or Geo. W. Bush … depends on which talking head is telling the lies that day.

    44 kiloTon – ain’t that over twice the Hiroshima yield?

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Love or hate the Russian politics in the last century, ya gotta hand it to the Russians when they want to go big. AND they’re not afraid to use what they have. No PC, no whiny freaks, they just freakin’ kill whom they even suspect is contrary to their interests.
    We have a problem. Their political balls are bigger than ours.

  3. All this is hype, there is no photographic record of this drop? How about before and after pictures? t this point, they are shoveling horse droppings.

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