Russia Staged a Communist Plandemic Back in 1979 Similar to ‘Covid’

It was the year 1979 when a mysterious pneumonia disease started spreading throughout the Russian Urals city of Yekaterinburg, ushering in a localized medical police state much like the one that is now being birthed on a global scale via the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Article by Ethan Huff from Natural News.

Many people are unaware of the story, but it reads like a dress rehearsal for everything we are seeing take place today in response to the Chinese Virus.

The government and media claimed that the mysterious pneumonia disease was spreading through the air: check. People getting sick and having to be hospitalized was used to authorize the use of secret police: check. The media was told to cover up the source of true source of the disease, which turned out to be a deep state laboratory: check.

Nearly every component of the 1979 Yekaterinburg pneumonia outbreak matches the Fauci Flu “pandemic” of today, right down to the false narrative that it had randomly jumped species from animal to human – that is until American spies reportedly picked up cues pointing to a different narrative. more

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  1. American elites stupidly let the Soviets spread a deadly lie for over a decade. Let’s make sure we don’t make the same mistake with China.

    Americans have had no mass media, Americans have had no relationship with the Soviets, since before 1979 (if ever).

    Americans have no intention of interfering with the United States’ spread of lies, inside or outside occupied American territory. What mistakes you make with China, are the United States’. Oddly, even China understands that.

  2. In the Sverdlovsk Incident, investigators surmised that the spread of anthrax was caused by the consumption of black market meat processed from fallen cattle and other livestock that became infected with the weaponized anthrax spores from the lab. That explained the widely scattered case patterns in the city and surrounding villages.

    These scattered patterns initially threw off investigators, as they did not match the plumes predicted path.

    The wikipedia article on the incident clarifies that investigators were able to interview victims’ families, after the fall of the Soviet Union. They were able to determine that many of them were working within the plume’s path as it passed. That was information unavailable in 1979.

    Bioweapons are a stupid idea. They are impossible to control, once released. Even if antidotes are prepared ahead of time, a live pathogen can mutate into something altogether different by the time it comes back to bite the originators in the butt. The Chinese are facing that now.

    Most research shifted to bio-toxins back in the 70’s. Much more controllable.


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