Russian Resupply Module Thruster Has “Unscheduled Firing” While Docked With Space Station – IOTW Report

Russian Resupply Module Thruster Has “Unscheduled Firing” While Docked With Space Station


Following the docking of the Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MLM), named Nauka (the Russian word for “science”) to the International Space Station at 9:29 am EDT, Russian cosmonauts aboard the space station conducted leak checks between Nauka and the service module. At 12:45 pm, the flight control team noticed the unplanned firing of MLM thrusters that caused the station to move out of orientation. Ground teams have regained attitude control and the motion of the space station is stable.

The crew was never and is not in any danger, and flight controllers in Mission Control Houston are monitoring the status of the space station. More

23 Comments on Russian Resupply Module Thruster Has “Unscheduled Firing” While Docked With Space Station

  1. Good call by NASA. That’s a very sketchy start for the Russians. Fundamental control issue. Hope they also readied the lifeboats.

  2. At least it didn’t have a rapid disassembly event.

  3. @ TheMule
    You mean the one that says Do Not Push in Red letters?

  4. I trust Putin more than Biden. Biden is a traitor. We all know where Putin stands.

  5. I would like biden* to explaine what went wrong with the module thruster at his next press conference

  6. “Unscheduled Firing”. Kinda like Swallowell’s butt on TV.

  7. Sing along with me: Space junk keeps falling on my head

  8. @ Extirpates
    The Russian word for oops is BLAT. Well, the bad word for oops, anyway.

  9. “I was just cleaning it and it went off.”

  10. @ Uncle Al
    My Russian wife was walking down the hall and I asked her to tell me what you wrote. She blurted it out and left. LOL

  11. @Hambone — Heh! Ggogle Translate is pretty much the only product/service of theirs that I have fun with. Sophomoric fun, but fun nevertheless!

  12. Many years ago when I was a young and relatively inexperienced process operator, I was in the bowels of a running polyethylene unit beneath the hyper compressor. It was incredibly loud and somewhat dangerous as the pressures within the piping there run into the tens of thousands of pounds per square inch. I was studying an unfamiliar item and reached out and gently touched it. Everything became instantly quite and the radio lit up with panicked voices wondering what the hell had happened. What happened was I had touched a very sensitive limit switch on a valve. I caused a lot of work for a lot of people, but learned to keep my hands off of things I didn’t know anything about. The sea was angry that day, my friends!

  13. If only I could figure out how to make the Y, A, and T mirror images…

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