Sad Joe

by illustr8r

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  1. Growing up I worked in a grocery, I worked in restaurants, I cut lawns, I did whatever it took to get cash.
    I don’t think biden* has ever worked a fucking day in his life.

    It’s the biggest travesty in world history that this motherfucker has control over anything more than a toilet plunger!

  2. LBS: Ditto. Add paper route, bean and berry picking, gutter cleaning, roof sweeping, car washing, fence painting, field work. Peach, apple, cherry picking. We were raised in a produce-or-perish culture. AND, we had to compete with hundreds of other kids in the community. Many couldn’t take it, joined the Service.

  3. Kids sniffing Joe and vomiting.

    (I know, no kid would actually do that. But they would vomit if they did. Kids know stink when they smell it.)

  4. ecp for the win!!!
    I wasn’t familiar with imgur?

    Just think if that asshole had just finished the wall?
    The press would have covered for him.
    That tells you everything.
    He wants illegals to flood the country.

  5. lol, I made the post public (not hidden) and the usual useful idiots have descended upon it. imgur is a mainstream site, so it’s like 90% leftists.

  6. There There
    OCTOBER 16, 2021 AT 12:29 AM
    I’m not sure he would know what end of the toilet plunger to use…”

    …and it’s not the “handle” end Pedo Joe belongs on anyway.

  7. And was always the last kid picked for any sporting event even after all the rest of the scrubs were taken. Oh and FJB! He probably thought that the water boy was the one who was always pissing on everything.

  8. I’m not skilled with PhotoShop, but here’s an idea for you: remember the famous photo of Stalin with Nikolai Yezhov (sp?), and then Nik disappeared from the photo? How about replacing Ol’ Nik with Jon Gruden or whoever the latest cancelled person is?


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